I've been liking doing point of view through Ace's perception. It gives me a break to recollect on my characters' inside thoughts. 

{Big Apple Interns}

I was resistless, powerless. I stared with complete overwhelming sadness that I couldn't do much to curb her sobs anymore. I could stroke her hair and hold her close with all my might, but my arms were weak and I was exhausted. Her depression had drained me.

I hadn't slept in three days. Her wedding planning books and glossy magazines had stacked in her home office over the week. She hadn't said a complete sentence in a week. She didn't dare speak of marriage or our engagement or our parents. My mom had called, but she acted like she couldn't hear it. Or maybe, she just hadn't heard it at all.

She had called again today, and here I was, looking at my desperate, sobbing fiancee. Hopeless, my head in my hands, phone to my ear.

"Is everything going okay, lately, Ace?" She asked, softly. She already knew the answer.

"Yeah, Mom. We've been okay."

"You're treating her like a gentleman?"

"Of course."

There was a pause. "Do you want to tell me?"

I stopped at her gentleness. It was wasn't an aggressive way to ask it, as she'd usually playfully demand, but the soft, motherly talk that had my heart sink to my stomach. I ran my hand through my hair before looking up. She had Persephone in her arms, sobbing harder each and every cry.

I stood up, helplessly gawking at her, so frail, so harmless. I made my way into the bedroom and gently laid back. "I don't know what's wrong."

"She won't speak?"

"She won't do anything," I murmured.

"You're worried."

I closed my eyes, fighting back to urge to just give up myself. My thoughts consumed me entirely recently. Her sobs and crying echoed in my dreams, jostled around my mind like a taunting bell. I often believed I wasn't a good enough person to her. I was frightened to death. "I'm scared."

"I know you are. But she needs you right now. Stay strong, dear. She'll pull through."

And with that, we exchange our goodbyes before she sauntered into the room three minutes afterward. Her presence was reticent to me. Ghostly, unnaturally like her. But I sat up, opening my arms to her and she slowly curled herself into me and drenched me in her utter despair.

"Are you crying for Daria?"

She nodded and then seemed to find the strength to whisper. "Sort of."

Her repetitive two word answers were all I really needed. "What else are you crying over?"

She buried her head in my chest. She paused. It was painstaking as she turned the question over in her mind, but the thought seemed to distract her from her depression and subside her perpetually crying. 

The longer the seconds came, the more I felt something deep, deep inside of me being retrenched into the very little self I had left. Suddenly, there was an abyss of emotions, dark, temperamental, unusual emotions that were bursting from some unorthodox location. My heart oscillated from a string, needless to say that that bare string was thinning.

"I am scared of us."


I broke into tears for the umpteenth time that day in the middle of public. Ace was standing next to me, no sign of emotion even visible in his living body, like each and every one of those feelings ossified. I tried to be strong for Daria, but I just couldn't control the overpowering sadness that surmounted my facade when she wept into his shirt, looking as if she were a child clinging onto her dying father, searching for hope that he'd come back, and up until that day, the child would count the days by one.

None of us said much to one another on the ride home, until Ace pulled in front of Daria's apartment and I got out to walk her to the door, embracing her fragile, heartbroken body to me.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay with us tonight?" I offered softly, gripping her tightly before stepping back.

She didn't seem to think much of it. "You've already done so much. Thank you."

I mustered a feeble smile as I embraced her one last time. "Daz, it's nothing. We are always here for you, okay?" I watched her go inside as I trudged back to the car, resting myself, mentally and physically.


Whether it was his eyes or the way he laughed for the first time in three weekends, I don't know, but it got me to genuinely smile. I found myself watching him a lot lately, like inspecting him like a lab rat. He tossed Zeus over on his back every other time Zeus would snarl his nose. Luna watched lazily from the chair and Persephone curled into a fuzz ball near her, seemingly fitting her lifestyle to Luna's, as is stereotypical enemies could be the best of friends.

I didn't expect him to see me, but he did, and my smile didn't fade, but I was caught off guard when he stood and kissed me passionately. He pressed his forehead to mine while lingering his hands about my waist.

"I haven't seen that smile in forever. I've missed it so much."

I threaded my fingers through his hair, letting my near-hyperventilation breathing to settle into regular breathing again. "I'm so sorry, Ace. I am so damn sorry."

I felt his fingers tense as they gripped me near. "Don't say a word," he muttered, his tone hushed. "Just let me show you how much I love you. This will be our first step in recovery."

- Libby

*if you read all that, type: recovery
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