Awww, it's Quatchi. He's so cute. You know, my entire school was crazy over the mascots. Half the people bought this rip-off of a key chain for $10. 

Anyway, today was the first official day of SPRING BREAK. Sorry, I felt the need to capitalize that. I spent the entire day working on this project thing at my friend's house. It's so completely stupid and we have to pay $20 to suffer. Our math teacher made it sound like so much fun, but noooo, it's ruining our spring break. Well, I'll be spending my spring break with glue on my hands. 

I'm sad, because I am going to another school in September. It's this IB thing that apparently looks good on university applicantions. I am going to leave behind some really good friends and this guy I like. Well, he would never like me back so I guess it's nothing. And at least my semi-bestie will be with me. But it's just that the school's so far away and I have to take the bus there and back unless my parents are driving me. And the schools full of rich kids too. Great. The rest of my high school years are going to be miserable.

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