Shaun Leane Large Tusk Ring
  • Gabriela Artigas Infinite Tusk Ring - Yellow Gold
    This slim, rounded ring tapers into the split center, creating a cool illusion that turns this simple piece into a modern statement. Yellow silver alloy. Made in the USA. Available sizes: 6,7
  • MARIA BLACK Oxidized Sterling Silver Tusk Ring
    Oxidized Sterling Silver ring with tusk adornment from Maria Black. Narrow band. Engraved designer name.
  • BIJULES Small Solid Silver Armour Ring
    Solid silver armour ring with curved tip from Bijules. Polished solid silver. Softly pointed tip. Designer embossed.
  • Golnar Gorgin 4D silver ring
    It is a ring made by investment casting process which has the symmetry point in its structure. This feature gives you the unique option to wear it in four different directions. Inside parts are covered by enamel. For any further information about size, color or material, please contact me on Boticca. I would be glad to satisfy your eventual modification requests as soon as possible. Photo by Stefano&Flavia.
  • Milena ZU AGENA sterling silver ring
    This best-selling iconic piece from Melena Zu collection is crocheted using one metallic thread. Its volume can only be achieved by hand weaving. This oversized silver 925 ring will be an instant focal point of your look.