21- it’s a sunday which means a soccer match for kristen gregory. this match is different though, Owl City will be performing during “half time”. hope you enjoy the free concert.

My phone buzzed. "Mother, what is sooo important that can't wait a few more hours?"
"Nice to hear your voice too hun. I need you to come to my office immediately."
"I can't Pearl, I'm on my way to a soccer match."
"Come on Le, it's very veeeery important. Plus, you hate sports darling."
"Ok, I'll stop by, but only for a few minutes, got it?"
"Sure babe, bye."

When I went into my mother's office I saw a familiar and frowny face. "I'll leave you two alone, I hope you solve what ever's going on between you guys." said my mother and then walked out of the room.
"Mat, please don't be angry at me. I know I usually loose my mind when I go out and it's wrong, but I would hate loosing your friendship because of that. Please forgive me. Please, please, pleaseee.."
"Ok, Leo, when you give me that look it's hard to refuse anything to you... but you have to promise me: no-more-drugs, fine?"
"Sure Mattie, anything to get my pal back. Now come here and give me hug!" so my handsome friend stood up from the chair he was sitting on and hegged me. It was a really nice hug and I had that strange feeling again. Was I falling from Mat? No. That was impossible. Anyway, I invited him to the match and we met Jamie there. I think she had some pot, but now I was Leona Davison "off-drugs" so I didn't ask her. Well, at least I could smoke and drink some beer cause Mat didn't mind. On top of everything, Owl City was amaazing and you know how much I loooove a good concert. After the match, Mr. Gordon and I went to have dinner. When we were finished he said: "Ok, bed time for school girls" and he took me home in his fancy car. "bye Mattie" I said at the same time the doorman opened the door of my building.
"bye hun, I had a great time today" my friend said and started to walk to his car.
"wait, I have to go shopping tomorrow, do you think you could come with me?"
" sure, I'll pick you up after school, is that ok?"
"Perfect, see you tomorrow then"
"bye Le"
"bye Mat"
I took the lift to my condo and went straight to bed anxious about the net day. Now that I think about it, I didn't even mind about the fact that I hadn't gone out that night. OK, so I definitely have a crush on Mat.
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