Leighton Bates (26)
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Position: Visual Designer, iTunes App Store
Alma Mater: RMIT Australia
Likes: comedy festivals, live music, art galleries, museums, painting, tattoos, package design, travelling, accents other than her own, piercings, road trips, Sharpies
Dislikes: bad hair days, stereotypes, cigarette smoke, people who watch her draw, heavy make-up, fake tans, sport fanatics, winter, gossipers, chipped nail polish, strong scented perfume, people who doubt her abilities 
Bio: Leighton sticks out like a sore thumb at the Apple offices; she's an Australian girl, born and raised, proud of it too. No matter how many people mock her accent. No, she doesn't surf and no, she doesn't have a pet kangaroo. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, where she holds most of her memories from high school through to university to her first job, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any memories in America either. In America she was offered a job of a life time and she said 'yes,' knowing that her luck wouldn't get any better than that. It all began with her Associate Degree in Graphic Design which led to her working with many online clothing stores and Australian companies who employed her to work on their websites and package design ideas for their products, also. Leighton was grateful for her success because she never believed she would make it this far, especially with graphic design. Leighton's slightly negative thoughts were not due to her parents or friends being unsupportive but, her not believing in herself enough. She's changed since then though; she's more confident and she still hasn't let a boy steal her heart. Especially since the last one stomped on it and kicked it across a freeway. But Leighton has an amazing job with an even more amazing talent, she doesn't need a man in her life. Or at least, not for a long time anyway.
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Taken By: @sarahstardom

1. What makes you qualified to work at Apple, Inc.?
I believe what makes me qualified to work with Apple, Inc. is my experience with graphic design for online websites. My skills involve working with computer editing programs, working in large groups and having the ability to form folios based on design problems. These have allowed me to work in different scenarios that can be considered as helpful when companies are looking for someone who has worked within various time frames and has focussed on different products.

2. How does working at Apple affect your life?
Working with Apple has affected my life by allowing me to believe that anything is possible, even the unimaginable. Even though, that may sound cheesy. I also think that from working with Apple, it has allowed me to experience much more than I thought was possible; in different environments and with new people.

3. Why Apple? Why not any other company?
I personally think that Apple will allow me to use my skills more than I would anywhere else. I also know that when working here, I will not only work on developing new skills and learn more on a regular basis but have a little bit of fun whilst doing so.

1. Why should you get the part?
Because I think I will not only enjoy writing for this character but also enjoy writing alongside other members who are creative and talented with what they do.

2. How inspired are you for this role-play? How active will you be?
I'm excited to write for Leighton and I think I will be active (a couple sets/stories a week, unless something unexpected pops up).

"How's the design coming along?" one of my team-mates, Tania, asked as she peered at the sheets of paper sprawled all over the table. The room that had earlier in the day been used to hold a meeting for the design team, was now silent with no one but myself working. I liked working in here, it allowed me to spread everything out.

Desks were too small and never allowed me to become comfortable when working for a solid period of time; sketching, writing ideas down, using various laptops and iPads for editing programs, etc. In the end, it was a long process that required both time and the space.

"They're moving along quicker than planned" I said, nodding as I reached for a couple A3 sheets of paper with sketches in pencil, fine liner and marker. I was currently working on a new advertisement for the iTunes store.

'iTunes Festival.' The 30 nights of free, live music. 

Lady Gaga.

Katy Perry.

Arctic Monkeys.

Many, many amazing performers for an entire month. Free and live. It was any music lovers dream and this was a period of time where people are glued to the screen of their laptop, iPod, iPad or whatever other gadget they owned. 

"You changed the original font" Linda observed, holding the sheets of paper in her hands and glancing upon my newest crafts. I nodded at her statement and waited for feedback; judging from her expression, it wasn't going to be good.

"Why'd you change the original font? There was absolutely nothing wrong with it" Tania said, placing the sheets down, crossing her arms and looking at me.

"This is an intriguing event in itself so a new, alluring and intriguing font would gain the attention of curious minds. It also, looks appealing and isn't too distant from the original fonts used" I explained. "I'm thinking outside the box, people like new."

"But people are familiar with the original font, people are comfortable with what they know, not many like venturing outside that box" Linda retorted. I knew she meant this in good heart - we all need constructive criticism, but this was a bit silly. A font.

But I understood. I've grown to understand with this business and working with different teams. Everyone had an opinion but there were people who thought they spoke for all. 

Those people thought they were right but not always. Linda wasn't one of those people, fortunately. I'm glad one of those other people hadn't stepped in to look at my designs but at our next meeting, when we share our ideas; heads might possibly roll. 

"Think of it this way. Musicians step outside the box every time they release a new song, album, or even for a new tour. Music lovers enjoy change, it's exiting and thrilling, it keeps people interested. 'What's next? What are they going to do?' is what fans are left asking. Now, this advertisement is seen by music lovers and by seeing something different, it's like seeing 'what's this? I need to click on it. Is there more changes?'

"They're on the edge of their seats. It's not necessarily a bad thing to do, Linda. It's certainly not a crime or they can lock me up now. Put me in the dungeons of Apple" I added a small joke at the end with a smile. It triggered a smile on Linda's face as she nodded.

"You have a way with words, Leigh" she said gently. "I look forward to seeing what the others think later this week. I like it, it's different. It's thrilling" she added the last part with air quotes. We both laughed a little before she left, leaving me to gain my thoughts.

I began to slip the large sheets of paper into the clear pocket folder I would always carry with me. I shoved my stationary into the small pencil case I kept hidden in my handbag for whenever I had an idea.

I, also, kept a small notebook because the amount of times I had an idea and didn't write it down... it was something I hated. And usually, they were great ideas when I had them, but they would always escape without that little notebook. 

On many, many occasions you could say that notebook has saved my life. I may be exaggerating but really, it has saved me. 

I tucked the folder under my arm and held onto my handbag in my other free hand. I looked around the room one last time before flicking off the lights.

I smiled, walking down the hallway and thinking to myself, 'how did I become so lucky?'
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