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my episode:
The Tenth Doctor is treating Rose to a trip to the 60s- February 9, 1964 to be exact. It is today that the Beatles perform for the first time in America and change the musical world as we know it. But someone is trying to stop them. The black bowler hat-wearing man [hehe meet the robinsons] will stop at nothing to make sure Paul, John, George, and Ringo don't live to February 10th.

a peek at the script:
[walking into ed sullivan studios]
ROSE: Blimey. this is a bit different than i'm used to.
DOCTOR: The Ed Sullivan Show! One of America's greatest.
ROSE: Really? Don't think I've even heard of it.
DOCTOR: Weeellll... Have you heard of them? (nudges Rose's arm)
ROSE: Who?
DOCTOR: (smugly smiles)
ROSE: (finally noticing) No... no... That's not... It can't be... 
DOCTOR: It is.
ROSE: But... that's AMAZING!
DOCTOR: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, George Harrison. Greatest musicians the universe has ever seen. Greatest hair, too. They inspire billions of people. And aliens. And today, they'll be performing in America for the first time. 73 million people watch. (he bumps rose's shoulder) Eastenders only gets 16 million on a good day.
ROSE: Can we meet them?
DOCTOR: Oh coarse! 

[x] Pictures of the characters that would be in your created episode (5 points)
-rose tyler, the tenth doctor, and the beatles
[x Picture(s) of location(s) that the episode would take place at (3 points)
-the ed sullivan show in 1964
[x] Short summary of your episode in set description (3 points)
[x] Create your own villain/monster/bad guy rather than using a pre-made one (2 points)
-Mr. Mustard (shown in set with third eye)
[x] Write a short piece of the "script" to your episode in the description (5 points)

+18 points!

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