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+ name: ariana ‘ari’ davis
+ age: 17
+ birthday / astrological sign: may twenty fourth/gemini

+ likes: lace, pastels, romanticism, reusable water bottles, chai tea, maxi skirts/dresses, thrift stores, typewriters, polaroid cameras, movie musicals, reading “the classics”, the works of william shakespeare, bon iver, mumford & sons
+ dislikes: math, warm weather, bad hair days, being allergic to peanuts, getting into arguments, her foster parents/brother, instability, being a virgin, going to church, feeling like she doesn’t belong

+ appearance: tanned skin. wavy brown hair, brown eyes. often called mousy or plain by her foster mother, or not anything special by her foster father.
+ height: 5’8
+ weight: 109
+ style: lots of lace and pastels. often wears maxi skirts and dresses but isn’t limited to them.

+ personality: one could call ari a hippie, but she prefers being told that she likes going with the flow. with her upbringing, it’s kind of hard not to. she tries her best not to get too down, but she has bad days just like everyone else.
+ bio: ariana, (or ari whichever you prefer) has always felt like she sadn’t belonged. when she was three, ari’s parents died in a tragic home invasion, leaving her as an orphan. ari was then shuffled around from foster home to foster home for the next ten years, until she ended up with her current foster family. ari desperately wants to belong, and hopes that she can do so by getting in with the other dancers around town. ari really is quite talented, but she is afraid of coming off as a show off to the other girls. hopefully she can overcome being afraid of what the other girls will think of her and find where she truly belongs.

+ family:
brendon samson, fifty - foster father (jon hamm)
amanda samson, forty seven - foster mother (christina hendricks)
damien shane, nineteen - foster brother (tyler riggs)
+ past / current relationships:
ari is single and always has been. she's never had a boyfriend and isn’t really allowed to date, thanks to her foster parents and their iron clad grip on her. but big brother damien is obsessed with his little sis. he loves his baby sister a bit too much, if you get the drift. he hasn't crossed any lines yet, but it's bound to's all a matter of time.

+ model: rumi neely
+ taken by: @ vikkirose

Hi...I'm Ariana, but you can call me Ari.

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