She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes

carmen / lana del rey
†Name; rowan chanel marx.
†age; fourteen.
†hometown; upper east side, manhattan.
†nationality; 5o% dutch 5o% german.
†appearance; kristina romanova [below]
†personality; with immaculate looks and a family lineage that rivals european royalty, you'd expect rowan to be the undisputed queen of manhattan's social scene. after all, she's a marx woman. blue blood and power run through her veins. but rowan is quite the opposite. she's a total introvert, an awkward teenager plagued by insecurities. born into the shadows of her overachieving siblings, she grew to enjoy the solitude and anonymity. rowan prefers curling up in her bed, curtains drawn, accompanied by a cup of tea and a mystery novel.
†likes; coffee, fashion, marina and the diamonds, the color white, oversized sweaters, jacqueline kennedy, project runway, winter, espadrilles, neutral colors, tights, scented hand sanitizer, cinnamon, the metropolitan museum of art, frank ocean, chanel cosmetics, iphones, france, lana del rey, pastels, long hair, agatha christie, starbucks, blogging, ballet, rainy days
†dislikes; converse, tattoos, parties, boy bands, smoke, black nail polish, bugs, obnoxiousness, ripped jeans, "call me maybe", fast food, broken promises, reality television, slutty girls on instagram, alcohol, animal prints, leather, germs, outdoors, improper grammar, cursing.
†family; father | pieter marx | 49 | world renowned art dealer | [daniel craig] | deceased
mother | greta marx | 46 | socialite | [kate moss]
sister | marchesa marx | 21 | intern at michael kors | [ginta lapina]
brother | ian marx | 18 | columbia university student | [francisco lachowski]

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