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JULY 8TH, 2013


“This is f*cking stupid and I want to go home,” I announced, glaring at Frankie and crossing my arms over my chest. “I look like an idiot too. And what the hell, you’re not my publicist – I’m /your/ boss!” I cried. I know I was basically chewing him out in a public establishment but it was his idea to take me to this stupid bar after work. I wasn’t sure why he wanted to or why I agreed. I hadn’t done the whole “bar scene” in a while, primarily because I was too busy with work, but whatever. I was perfectly content in my life without a man and my employee felt the drastic urge to change that.

“Come on, Tal, loosen up!”

I sighed. “You’re going to get your ass whooped when you come in for work tomorrow and that’s a goddamn promise.”

I ditched my coat and hung it up on the bar’s coatrack (though much to my dismay) as we entered the crowded bar. Immediately, Frankie saw a group of guys he knew from before he left for New York and abandoned me with my wicked thoughts. The assh*le. I slithered into a barstool and leaned forward, tossing my long hair behind my back. The bartenders all seemed extremely preoccupied and sure enough, hell would probably be frozen over before I could even catch their attention.

“I honestly don’t even know why I still come here,” the voice next to me announced. I turned to eye the profile of a man, seemingly in his mid-30s, leaning against the dark wood of the bar. His hands were folded. He wore large-framed glasses. He stared straight ahead. “This place used to be a lot quieter… and a lot smaller,” he finally turned to meet my gaze and I realized then that he was just as handsome from the front as he was from the side. “Then they got all famous and now everybody comes here. It’s quite a drag.”

I glanced around before leaning towards him. “Can I smoke in here?”

He smiled. “It’s not allowed but everyone does it anyway.”

I took this as a perfect opportunity to light up, holding the cigarette between my two fingers and blowing a puff of smoke out of the corner of my mouth. “The bartenders will certainly rue the day they didn’t serve me,” I joked.

“They definitely will,” he replied, brown eyes gleaming.

He looked familiar but I definitely couldn’t peg it. I tried to study his features without seeming creepy, but realized I was probably only doing the opposite. I focused all my attention on my cigarette when he spoke again.

“I feel like I’ve seen you before… are you an actress? A model? Something like that, right?” He asked. I laughed, running a hand through my hair with the shake of my head.

“No… I’m a tattoo artist, actually.”

He snapped his finger, recognition taking over his face. “Yes, I know you! Talon, right? Talon Norton.”

I smiled, chuckling lightly. I’d never get used to that. “Yeah, that’s me… what about you? You live in Hollywood so you got to have some dream.”

He sighed and eyed me carefully himself. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out sooner or later.”

I shrugged in response as a bartender finally sauntered over towards us. “No smoking in here,” he chastised. I rolled my eyes and blew another puff of smoke from between my lips.

“I’ll stop smoking when you make me a drink. A half-off one since we’ve been waiting forever, for f*ck’s sake.”

The bartender sighed. “What do you want?”

“I’ll have a vodka martini,” I announced.

“And I’ll have a beer,” my counterpart ordered.

I turned back and eyed him, taking another drag off my cigarette before ashing it out in a nearby tray. Weird, because for a bar that didn’t allow smoking, they sure had a lot of ashtrays.

“When are you going to tell me who you are?” I inquired.

The man shrugged with a smile. “It’ll hit you.”


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three comments

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
it was a summer of love or whatever it said x]

frankie's a real piece of work.

Wrote three years ago



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