Top Fashion Set for July 12, 2015~
Thank you @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial

GIF of the day: <33 can't believe she's in her thirties o_o

hope everyone's been watching dara's drama 'we broke up' because she's actually quite a good actress, and she makes an adorable couple with seungyoon kyaa <33 (in the distance, you can hear chanyeol's heart breaking)

finally finishing the tag from @indiedarling sorry that you had to be tagged so many times, i have issues with set descriptions 90% of the time tbh.

i have/had:
[] Graduated high school.
[] Smoked cigarettes.
[x] Ridden every ride at an amusement park.
[x] Collected something really stupid.
[x] Gone to a concert.
[x] Helped someone.
[] Spun turn tables.
[x] Watched four movies in one night.
[] Been kissed.
[x] Taken a college level course.
[x] Been in a car accident.
[x] Been in a tornado.
[] Watched someone die.
[] Been to a funeral.
[x] Burned yourself.
[] Ran walked a marathon.
[] Your parents got divorced.
[x] Cried yourself to sleep.
[x] Spent over $200 in one day.
[] Cheated on someone.
[] Been cheated on.
[] Written a 10 page letter.
[x] Had a best friend.
[x] Lost someone you loved.
[x] Skipped school. (shhhhhh)
[x] Gotten in trouble for something you didn’t do.
[] Stolen books from the library.
[] Been in a mental hospital. 
[x] Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
[] Fired a gun.
[x] Been in a school play.
[] Been fired from a job.
[] Taken a lie detector test.
[] Swam with dolphins.
[] Attempted su*cide.
[x] Written poetry.
[x] Read more than 20 books a year.
[] Gone to Europe.
[] Liked/loved someone you couldn’t have.
[x] Used a colouring book over age 12.
[] Had surgery.
[] Had stitches.
[x] Taken a taxi.
[] Had more than 5 online conversations going at once.
[] Had a hamster.
[] Dyed your hair.
[x] Had something pierced.
[x] Gotten straight A’s.
[] Your parents sent you to a shrink.
[] Been handcuffed.

my hair is naturally the color:
[] Light brown
[] Medium brown
[] Dark brown
[] Blonde
[x] Black
[] Dirty blonde
[] Strawberry blonde/Ginger
[] Multicoloured

my eyes are:
[x] Brown
[] Blue
[] Green
[] Hazel
[] Light brown
[] A combination of things
i am:
[] Male
[x] Female
[] Other:

i hope this worked o_o i know there has to be a part three though omg polyvore why. 

Have a good Monday to everyone today~ :)))
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