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i created a tag/survey thing because i was bored and i haven't seen one like this yet so woohoo. i'm going to fill it out myself so here we go. i'll write the rest of my description afterwards :-)

it's called "THE MUSIC TAG" am i creative or what

- do you prefer radio music or more undiscovered music?
undiscovered music

- what's your favourite music genre/style?
i like indietronica, psychedelia, synthpop, indie-rock, pop, etc. but i think my fave is indietronica :-)

- pop or r&b music?

- electronic or acoustic music?
i dunno, i like acoustic songs but i like electronic too, but not loud electronic music like dubstep ya feel

- indie or punk music?

- artists you listen to often?
one direction, london grammar, snow patrol, mgmt, foster the people, charli xcx, daughter, ed sheeran, coldplay, the cab, the burning hotels, florence and the machine, m83, lorde, ms mr., noah and the whale, the maine, peter bjorn and john, the 1975, sia, san cisco, sky fereirra, 5sos, tame impala, the kooks, little mix, the fray, the neighbourhood, the script, the xx, vampire weekend and heaps more ahh

- what's your all-time favourite artist?
one direction probably. no matter how many new bands i'll find, one direction will always be there pulling me back to them baha

- what's your favourite male artist?
maybe ed sheeran. i like a lot of bands with guys in them but ed is probably my favourite male solo artist. his lyrics are genius and he's amazing <3

- what's your favourite female artist?
sia or charli xcx

- what are your top 3 bands?
two door cinema club, snow patrol, and london grammar

- what's your favourite girl group?
little mix? they're like the only girl group i know, haha

- what's your favourite boyband?
one direction

- who do you want to listen to more?
snow patrol

- who was the first artist you were into?
mika hahah

- who's your most recently discovered artist?
umm, ms mr. or noah and the whale

- what artist is overrated?
the 1975. i love them, but they're becoming that sort of band that every girl on tumblr wants to love just because they're 'cool'

- what artist is underrated?
there's a lot of underrated artists but ellie goulding is underrated in a way. people only listen to burn, i need your love, and a couple of her other songs but they don't listen to the rest which are really beautiful

- what's your favourite song right now?
called out in the darkness by snow patrol

- what are your top ten songs?
this is really hard ahh
- called out in the darkness by snow patrol
- shut your eyes by snow patrol
- oblivion by m83 ft. susanna sundfør
- runaway by ed sheeran (the whole 'x' album tbh)
- take my hand by charli xcx
- valentine by charli xcx
- hurricane by ms mr
- undercover martyn by two door cinema club
- sun by two door cinema club
- wasting my young years by london grammar

- what was the last song you sang?
next year by two door cinema club, but i was more like humming- i can't sing for my life lol

- what was your last played song?
houdini by foster the people

- what's your favourite catchy song?
i feel ashamed for saying this but all of the songs on frozen, sorry. i know, i hate me too for singing them so much, but let's be honest, they're catchy

- what's your favourite sad song?
is youth by daughter a sad song?

- what's your favourite mainstream song?
paradise by coldplay. i know it's not new or anything but it's super popular and one of coldplay's best songs haha

- what is an old song you used to love?
young folks by peter bjorn and john ft. victoria bergsman, haha. i was so obsessed with it after bandslam came out

- cd's or itunes?
cds??? even though i download my music illegally. shame lol

- headphones or earphones?

- who's someone you know with a really good music taste?
@love-132 and @pageylove yess

i tag @relephant (hehe sorry!) @pageylove @nadiasxox @she-who-cannot-be-named @admir-ing @yoitsgrace @discxnnect-ed @pastelblossom @littl3sunflower @not-like-the-movies-xo and @mrs-tomlinson-love! yay tagging like a billion people so u better do this. also i tag anyone who wants to do this so steal it and do it yourself! bc if no one does this that'll be awkward lol

i'm trying to listen to all of one direction's songs rn. i have about 70 of them. i don't have all of the solo performances from the xfactor though, only some. stuff like torn, look after you, teenage dirtbag, vas happenin boys (lol), stereo hearts etc and all of the album songs plus deluxe songs. it's taking forever hahah. it's on little things rn niall's solo CRYIN SORRY it's emotional. now it's on little white lies woah it's uhm so dirty uhm

my third chicnova order came yesterday. i got a lovely burgundy (it's more pinky though, like plum) knit jumper and it's so nice! it fits me well but i would prefer it to be a bit longer. it's really soft and comfy and not itchy. BUT the stitching on the bottom was really poor and it snapped when i pulled the jumper over my head, ugh

i hate rereading my descriptions the day after and realising i made so many typos. i can spell brilliantly, hahaha, but my phone loves to mess with me! my relationship with autocorrect is very up and down because i'd be nowhere without it yet it always tends to ruin my sentences.

funny story- i had yet another dream where a oned member was present (i think about them too much and it's getting to the point where i dream about them every night) and guess who it was this time? zayn. yeah it was at some outdoor bbq party and he was standing in a corner alone being all chill and stuff and i came up to him and hugged him and complimented his shoes. he was like "i was going to hug you!" bc apparently he'd been staring at me for a while and i was like bugged bc it would've been so cool and much more special if zayn malik hugged me first. bad timing. but u jel? yo hamial. we need to write a book all about nemma (jiall?) and hayn (haha yours sucks. sorry how about zamial) with cute couple moments

if you read my sucky description comment "jemma and zayn are my otp" hahah

- jemma

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