king charles, mississippi isabel.

"now a soft kiss - aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss."

i was tagged by @driedbranches - thank you!

1. why'd your parents name you the name you have? i don't think i've mentioned it here, but i'm alice. my grandmother was called alice, and i think there may have been some lewis carroll influence too...

2. do you like your handwriting? when i'm neat, yes, but at the end of essays when my hand is tired it gets really big and messy!
3. last thing you ate? some biscotti from venice that my friend brought back for me.
4. are you a hopeless romantic like me? i am hopelessly in love with john keats. i think that answers your question.
5. if you could have lunch with five people dead or alive, which 5 people would you pick? johnny flynn, bob dylan, ernest hemingway, john keats and (am i allowed a fictional character?) abed nadir. oh i didn't include any women! oh five people is just not enough! 

6. what's one of your biggest regrets? i'm a great procrastinator, so i'm regretting not starting my revision for as levels before at the moment. i try not to live a life filled with regret though.

this was a super nice tag! i'd recommend that you all do it- in particular @flower-fashionista @pearlsandstars @dancing-ostrich @eyesfullofmoon @sophiesb @emma-woolf <3
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