Ugh the 50 item limit is literally the devil. It took me soo long to get everything the way I wanted it and I was at 62 items. Like waaaaat. So sorry if it doesn't look quite right, but I've got a pounding headache and I just don't feel like dealing with it anymore :( Anyway, I think I might do a survey cus why not.

The last article of clothing worn that wasnt your own?- Hmm. I don't remember. Probably a shirt.

Have you ever washed your hair in a lake?- Nope

Worst crime committed?- Okay so this is soo stupid and I don't even know why I did it but last year my friends and I were at Walmart and there was this torn up box of condoms that they probably wouldn't even sell because of it's condition, and idk if I was trying to seem like a badass or what, but I took a few of them and put them in my pocket. Like, I don't even have sex, I'm a virgin why the hell did I do that omg

What do you order @ Dunkins, Starbucks, etc?- Chai Tea iced latte. Yummm <3

Your heritage?- I'm part French, Dutch, and Iranian (:

How long was your longest relationship?- 11 months

Was he/she worth all that time?- Yeah I guess so, we're still best friends to this day so that's cool, I really care about him.

Name one of your unique talents- I can never think of these I'm such a loser

Ever jump-start a car?- Lol no

Name one thing you couldn't live without- Music, definitely. I know it kinda sound cliche, but it gets me through a lot and I feel like life would be boring without it. 

Describe your dream wedding- Rahh, I dunno. Something outside, in like a garden or something. With me in a pretty dress and a gorge husband who I absolutely adore. That's really all I want lol (Speak Now by Taylor Swift came on as I was writing this ;)

The best way to spend friday night?- Depends. Sometimes I love to be with a bunch of friends, having a sleepover, going to a football game or getting food and going to the beach at night. And sometimes I just like to chill at home alone and tumble/go on polyvore all night c:

How do you feel about Superstitions?- I don't believe in them personally, but to each their own.

Do you liter?- Nah, dats bad fo da enviroment.

Sunburn/Tan easily?- I'm pale as hell! My cheeks and shoulders burn pretty easily, but other than that no to both.

What do you put on your hotdog?- Lotsss of ketchup and a thin line of mustard :3

Is the word "wicked" in your vocabulary?- Lol occasionally I might say it.

Are academic grades important?- Most definitely.

Where's your haven?- My room

Your last car ride destination?- Chiropractor

Ever been on the radio?- Nahh. but that'd be cool c:

Text/Call/Email/IM?- I mostly use Text and Call. I'll occasionally check my Email, but I don't have an IM anymore. 

Types of trophies achieved?- 4th place in basketball when I was in like, 4th grade. And 1st place in a horse back riding competition thing.

Your favorite way to travel? - Car, I love love love car rides.

Sleep with socks on or off?- Off usually. I slept with them on recently. and I woke up the next day and I noticed this black stuff between my toes and I almost started flipping out because I thought I had some kind of fungus or something. It was just lent from the socks. Hehe. 

Ever crowd surfed? Where?- No, but that'd be totally cool.

Current razor brand?- I don't know right off my head, and I'm way to lazy to get up and find out.

#1 Fear?- Not being able to accomplish all my dreams.

Describe your backpack.- It's striped and colorful and cuteeee.

Is there a fireplace in your home?- Yesss ma'm c:

Last time you went fishing? Did you catch anything?- I don't even remember. A long ass time ago. And no I don't think so lol

Do speedos bother you?- Depends on whose wearing them (;

Are your fingernails painted?- They are, but they're chipped. I really need to re do them.

Name all of the amusement parks youve been to.- B-b-but I'm lazy. 

How do you feel about chastity?- I believe in losing your virginity to someone you truly love and care about.

When's curfew?- I don't have one really lol

Favorite TV Show?- Teen Wolf. Dylan O'Brien is my spirit animal ♥

Who does your laundry?- My momma

Do politics interest you?- Yeah

Are you good @ giving directions?- I'm pretty good. Better than my mom is lol

Pool or Ocean?- I only like the beach at night, so pool I suppose

Book or movie?- Book

Any syblings?- One brother

Theatre or Art?- Theater is where my heart is

Are you double jointed?- Nahhh

Last person to call you?- My mom lol

Ever made chocolate covered strawberries?- Nope but they are delishhh.

Board game/Video game?- Kingdom Hearts

How many windows in your room?- One, but it's really big lol

Do you like holding hands?- I love it c:

Do you wear cologne/purfume?- Yep

Still own anything from your ex?- Probably, I'm friends with all my exs so 

Car you drive?- Nope, I just have my permit for now

Are you a good cook?- I'm not terrible lol

Are you a good kisser?- I've been told I was

Your best quality?- Humor probably, I'm also really nice

Qualities you look for in a friend?- Funny, nice, not afraid to be silly stuff like that

Do you have any anual dream? What is it about?- Nopeee sure don't. 

Wow that was so long! Lol if you actually read that all, you're awesome ♥(;
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