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Friday - We all know that Yasmin loves her liquor, so she's hosting a huge party at the nearest club, Luxe. Everyone is invited, so get ready for a wild night. Only the losers will stay on campus.

Seven drinks later, and with the help of Ara, I sat down on a plush couch, nursing a cup of water. She forbid me to drink any more. Stupid whorre. Suddenly, some blond bimbo tripped on her 10 feet long heels, looking red in the face.

"HAHA, BITCHH." I laughed at her, making her even more red.

"Yasmin." Ben said, coming over to me, startling me. 

"Hey sexy." I slurred, pulling him down next to me. Last night was a dream. We had the nicest time at the dinner. But no s*x. BOO. 

"God, you're drunk as hell." He shook his head playfully. People always shake their head at me... it's fuckingg annoying.

"I knoooow. But you know I love my drinks." I smiled, leaning my head on him. He put his arm around me.

"Let's have s*x." I bluntly told him, kissing his neck. He chuckled.

"Not tonight, Yasmin." Why won't he have s*x with me!? Maybe his pe*is was small.

"Kay, whatever." I told him.

"You should go home." He said, lifting up my head with his finger.

"Nooooo. I want to stay- and drink." I giggled.

"You've had enough." He laughed at me. I probably sounded like a bubbling idiot.

"You suck!" I playfully punched him, leaning up again.

He leaned in, kissing me on the lips lightly. I kissed him back. 

Am I in Heaven? It sure feels like it. An angel fell, and his name is Ben. Maybe I am in Heaven! But that means I'm dead. I don't want to be dead. Boo hoo. 

God, I'm so drunk.

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