So B. Upping the new teacher from Des Moines was such a good idea wasn't it? You would have been better off with the Nelly Yuki plan. I can't imagine how you're gonna tell Serena this. Wow. Glad I'm not you! On the otherhand, I'm also glad I'm not Eric:
'I would say "get a room," but yours is right above mine. Please try to remember that.'
Poor wittle Eric. Oh well. Maybe your "brother" can help... Chuck has a heart! Who knew? He actually saved his new legal guardian Lily Bass (or Humphrey?) from that evil Jack Bass. How sweet. And... He wants to move back in with his "family". It's all just so fairy tale! NOT. S & D? I'm tired of this on-again/off-again thing. So please, Dan don't hit on the new teacher and S, please keep D grounded. Stick together. Please. For Pete's sake. Oh wait... Pete's dead! Oops!

{exact coat, heels, & Valentino bag)
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