Just to say hi, I'm back, and it was GREAT.
I saw the Cure, like in, the real band, Robert Smith and everything! 
There were some really awesome concerts this weekend, and Rise Against were definetely one of them... I was in the first row, you guys. The first goddamn row. You can see me in the footage.
You can actually see me being in the front row at a Rise Against concert. I can't get over that.
It also means that I was in the front row to see Blink 182, haha. They were nice, too. I liked Mark Hoppus, because he literally hopped around on stage a lot :D
I also love the Eagles of Death Metal- great guys, lots of fun!
And The Kooks were cute, the Mad Caddies were wonderful, and I saw THE German punk band from the second row- Die Ärzte. They're awesome guys and it was- you might have guessed- great. And funny. An absolutely worth standing in the rain for about seven hours. Oh yeah.

By the way, the picture is from Rock am Ring, the last festival, thhis weekend was called Hurricane- and Farin was right when he said you're kind of asking for bad weather if you name your festival liek that ;) But we had two good and sunny days, too, so there's that.

Aaaaand on another note, I would totally wear what my busverse alter ego wears. All that I'm missing is the necklace and the glasses. And obviously, my shirt would look different- it would, for example, have Joy Division written over it. (I love my JD tee. Not long until it's grey from all the wearing and washing... )
Otherwise, I own two maxi skirts, one black, one burgundy, and I made them myself so they fit perfectly and they're comfy as hell and I just really like them. 
So... just so you don't think I'm always wearing bandshirts and black jeans, although I do that a lot, tbh. I'll wear my brand new Rise Against Tee tomorrow, for instance ;D
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