Paper Thin // Billie Tweddle I am absolutely in love with this song sang and composed by Billie! She is so talented at such a young age. Will be making a British musician set on her soon! :) 

Dan was Gossip Girl all along?! What a plot twist! O.O That can’t be right...shouldn’t it have been his voice as the narrator instead of Kristen Bell then? Oh but then that spoils everything... 

I was tagged by @rosesred in her gorgeous set: 

1. How did you find out about Polyvore?
I was reading a twilight fanfiction and the author had links to the outfits of her characters. 

2. What's your fave type of sets to make? Fashion, art, edits?
3. Who is your fave member on Polyvore whose sets you just go gaga over?
I have a lot of favourites on here, but I don’t go ‘gaga.’
4. Paste the link of your fiiiirst ever! (Painful, but we promise not to laugh! :) it’s awful I know! I was inspired by Kaya Scodelario. 

5. Have you ever had a TOP SET? 
Yes, a few. When I first had my top set, I didn’t know it was a top set lol. 
6. Tell us one fact about yourself that we never knew ;)
I am fascinated by planets! I think they are so interesting, understanding the universe and galaxy. It was probably the only thing I enjoyed learning in Science. 
I used to all makeup all the time since I was 16/17 but for the past 2 years, I’ve gone off it. So when I put the slightest bit of eyeliner it feels weird. 

7. What's number 1 on your wishlist? (From 1000 things!!)
My number 1 thing from my wishlist is the leather backpack. 

8. Whats number uno on your Polyvore wishlist? (Paste link- pretty please!)
These gorgeous Acne pistol boots are my number 1 polyvore wishlist: 
9. Whats the last book you read? (Im a readaholic so I've got to ask!)
Well in the past 2 months, I have been skimming books for my dissertation. So I haven’t actually properly read them, but the last book I read was the Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle. It was a sorry excuse for a book – I do not recommend. I read Easy by Tammara Webber before the Mighty Storm, it was a nice story. Nice but not great, it was very clichéd. 

10. How many sets have you published?
Just checked - 704 sets! 
11. How many languages do you speak? 
3 languages.

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