TOP SET 26TH DEC 2012 and instagram @daydreamsandirony 
(my first story so let me know what you think)

Scene 1:
Aurora lighted her cigarette, staring at him. Her face had a pale luminescent glow. 

'You can't keep up like that,' he looked at her right back in the eye.

'Well that's good. Because I don't plan to. It makes it easier anyway,' she said grinning with a smile that proved weak in its intent.

'Why are you always doing this? To me, to yourself? To everybody? Do you even realise it?' he scrutinised every flaw on her.

'Because that is what I am. And if you have a problem with that, you can leave. I don't expect anything of you.' No expectations, no disappointments. The phrase played over and over again in her head like a spoiled voice recorder. She stared at him in a daze.

'Don't beat yourself up over Caroline. It was nothing. She's still your friend. You should know that,' his first attempt at reassuring her. His eyes darting her solemn gaze.

'You don't realise it, do you? It was never ever about Caroline! I don't give a damn about her!' her face paler than before.

'Then what is it? Tell me. Please?' his patience was not paying off. He stood up from beside her and leaned against the wall.

'It's too late, Ed. Just leave me alone. I don't need your God damn sympathy.' she was only getting worse. Her head spun and her emotions followed. Everything was magnified. His tone, his voice, his words, his actions.

'You know what, I could hardly care! So go on now!' he yelled, walking away from her.

She sat alone on the front porch, with no emotion. Emptiness. Nothingness. 'That's as close to it, is it not?' she thought. His shadow drifted into the darkness, like a slow dying pain. Soon enough, she saw nothing of him left. Knowing him since they grew up meant almost nothing. 'People. You never know them well enough,' she began to tire out. Her cigarette put out, her eyes fell shut and she lay there on the swing on the front porch. So many memories. 

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