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A- Awkward:
Of course, it’s my best quality.
B- Birthday:
Dec. 22nd (soon soon soon!)
C- Crushing on:
A young Brandon Boyd
Have you ever been to the ocean?:
Yup. It's much nicer in person than on television.
Have you almost drowned in the ocean?:
Nope. But I almost drowned in a jacuzzi once.
What is the temperature outside?:
51 degrees and raining. I'm weenie because I think it's cold.
What radio station do you listen to?:
Haven’t listened to the radio since I was a child. But when I did it was the old stuff: mowtown, 60's/70's.
What was the last thing you bought?:
Christmas presents...and textbooks (man I'm uber lame).
What was the last thing on TV you watched?:
On TV, well now let's see...I think it was The Terminator.
Who was the last person you took a picture of?:
I really can’t remember. Does my cat count?
Ever really cried your heart out?:
Literally? Ha, nope. Figuratively, yeah sure.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?:
Yup. I'm a sad sad individual.
Have you ever cried on a friend's shoulder?
Literally? No. I wish though…particularly on the shoulder of a super cutie :3 I keep sending out applications for cute dudes who will let me rest my head on their shoulders at all hours of the day...and so far no applicants.
Ever cried over the opposite sex?:
What an oddly phrased question. Ah, I think it's asking if I've ever cried about a member of the opposite sex. I'm also assuming this is a question regarding feelings of adoration vs someone who passed. If that's the case Ill say yes...I am human after all.
Do you cry when you get an injury?:
No, I tend to curse like a sailor!
What songs make you cry?:
Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. Seriously, makes me cry every single time. 
Are you a happy person?:
I try to be, but I must confess it’s hard work!
What is your current hair colour:
I really don’t know >_< Been dying my hair since I was 13. I keep trying to figure it out, but it's not really a color...more like bla boring. Can I say that? Can I say I think my natural hair color is somewhere in between Bla and Boring?
Currently wearing?
All the sweaters I own because it’s cold out! And well, shoes, tights, and a dress. Shheesh, I don't want you to think I walk around town in only a sweater.
does a watch count?
Your eye colour?:
Boring brown
Short or long hair?:
medium, though I wish it was short.
Almost 5’4” :((((( forever short and forever sad about it.
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