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name; Acacia Rose DeWitt.
age / year; Sixteen / Sixth.
house; Gryffindor.
blood status; Three-quarters witch; one-quarter Veela. [maternal].
model; Kristina Romanova.

amortentia; Mint leaves, melted chocolate, toast, rain, jasmine, brown sugar, peppermint.
patronus; Green Anaconda.
boggart; Drowning in a monstrous body of water.
house / quidditch positions; Chaser.
wand; 9", Blackthorn, Unicorn Tail hair, sturdy.
broom; Nimbus 2001.

personality; independent; self-spoken; when there's something needed to be said, she says it; witty; cautious; brave; protective; a bit cruel, sadistic, and very sarcastic.
likes; climbing trees, reading, running, quidditch, potions, rain, tea, the color lilac, orchids, dawn & dusk, stargazing.
dislikes; the people who call her family cowards, swimming, lies, hypocrites, her sister, dragons, inconsiderate people. 
collection / storyboard; collection - {coming soon} storyboard -
bio; Acacia is the youngest child of the DeWitt family. Her father is a pure-blood wizard, whilst her mother is half-witch, half-Veela. Acacia grew up in a magic-filled household with her two older siblings. Most of her family were branded as cowards. Even though some pulled-through successful, their titles stuck with them for eternity. Even Acacia's older sister, Tahlia, who was housed into Slytherin, was influenced into believing every one person in her family/ancestry were cowards. Tahlia and her clique of friends especially teased Acacia ever since that night the sorting hat sat atop Acacia's head and bellowed the house of bravery, 'GRYFFINDOR!'. 'How could the scrawniest girl from the weakest family end up in Gryffindor?', 'Surprised DeWitt Junior survived this Quidditch match. Didn't even know she could mount a broom without wetting her panties.'. Acacia couldn't stand it anymore. No more disgracing her family name. No more nasty remarks to every DeWitt that entered Hogwarts [of course, with the exception of tahlia.] about some idiotic event that happened generations ago. No more. That anger built up so much that Acacia would do anything to bring her family honor back. Anything that would be remembered for the rest of the wizarding world's reign. Anything...

+ Lionel DeWitt - father - 49 - pureblood.
+ Eliza Fonté-Dewitt - mother - 47 - half Veela.
+ Jacob Robert DeWitt - brother - †.
+ Tahlia Willow DeWitt - sister - 18 - seventh year.
+ Acacia and Tahlia's relationship is far more worse than hate. It's almost a 'i'd kill you on sight, rather than talk to you for a moment' type of relationship. They would've already killed eachother if the professors or their parents made sure they kept distance.
+ Acacia and her brother, Jacob's, relationship was extremely better than her and Tahlia's relationship. The two were two peas in a pod. On Acacia's 9th birthday, she and the family found out her was killed in a dragon accident, on the job. Acacia was crushed - she went silent for weeks, almost two months.
+ Her father, Lionel DeWitt [pureblood wizard], is a part of the ministry of magic, under the department of magical law, division 'improper use of magic'. Her mother, Eliza DeWitt, is not from the 'reign of cowards' [thank Merlin]. She is actually the offspring of a pureblood French wizard, and a full Veela. She travels a lot between the DeWitt family home, and France. The last time Acacia asked, her mother was training to become a professor at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.
+ Acacia's style consists of many skater dresses, messenger bags, and oxford lace-up flats: at least, when the school uniform isn't needed to be worn. Many would describe her style as very girly, or even a bit vintage.
+ Although many inconsiderate people of the Hogwarts student body believe Acacia a coward like the rest of her family, when she's on the quidditch field, those titles go away. She's a monster at quidditch: fast, witty in game plan, unbelievably skilled on a broom. However, when she's back in the classroom, those names reappear.
+ Acacia loves reading. She has the ability to escape into a different world, and connect with complex characters. She often wishes that she could write out her life and self like an author creates their own characters.With that ability, Acacia would be in heaven.
+ She loves the rain, although is deathly afraid of drowning in water. [large bodies of water, of course.]
+ since acacia's mother is a native french woman, she taught her children how to speak french at a young age.

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