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A Punk ll Vampire Weekend.

Aria Cohen;;

I groaned in annoyance as my cell phone sounded off again letting me know i had received yet another text. I grabbed the beeping menace turning it off quickly not bothering to check it , I already knew what it said.

'Have you finished packing yet.'

To finish packing would imply that one had started to pack which i hadn't. I rolled my eyes throwing the phone in my bag that was currently sprawled across an empty lounge chair , much like i was. I sighed finding my place in the book i was reading . 

Animal Farm by George Orwell.

"This is cosy , Way better than Skye's sorry dormitory." 

I put the book down and raised an eyebrow "Well this is unexpected and how many times to i have to tell you , smoking will kill you."

"God you sound like my sister , Please stop." Spencer said smirking sitting on the lounge chair across from me. "Plus i am only killing myself. I'd rather doing something i like , like smoking than dying old and regretful."

"As always your outlook on life is always inspiring." I said sarcastically placing the book beside and looking over at Spencer. He looked different from the last time we had seen each other. His normal styled hair was messy and framed his face , he was thinner and he had slightly darker circles under his eyes "Finals were rough for you weren't they?" 

He shrugged taking a drag on his cigarette, "Summer is hard for me."

I nodded understanding , usually Summer was my favourite season despite being a winter baby but this Summer which had started out so promising had came to a screeching halt.

"So what are you doing here and why didn't anyone notice a weird boy going through there house?" I asked looking at the staircase. "Seriously how did you get up here."

"I'm stealth you know." Spencer said smirking "But really i just walked in the door was opened." He shrugged

"That is creepy and what drew up to the roof? I mean if you were looking for me i literally could have been anywhere." I said "Wait " I said waving my hands around in a stop gesture "What the hell are you doing Rhode Island? Last time we talked you said you were staying in New York with the tourist for Summer?"

"I came up to the roof to smoke and it was either attempt to smoke with Skye or come here because your only the other person i know."

"Coffee shop."

"Cliched. Plus i work at Starbucks i need to get away from frappuccino and mocha's sometimes." Spencer leaning back in the chair "These are really comfortable. Obviously not from Ikea."

"The chairs were here before me." I said moving around a little to make myself more comfortable. "So why are you here Spencer?"

"I came to visit Skye." He answered "It was either Summer with Skye or with my parents." He grumbled looking annoyed. "And it easy to see which one i choose since i am you know , here."

"What happened to NYC?"

"Long story that i don't want to share. No offence Aria." He said turning his head to look over at the campus. "So when do you leave?"

"Skye told you?"

He looked at me liked i asked why the grass was green. "Ofcourse she did. The girls are leaving today."

"Then why are you up here reading Orwell novels. Shouldn't you be getting ready for the beach or something equally as sickeningly cliched."

I shrugged "I am not going. I'm gonna head back to New York." I mumbled. Spencer raised an eyebrow waiting for me to explain why i was not going to Michelle's house.

"My brothers aren't going home and I-"

"Felt guilty and told your parents you would come home despite having previous engagements." 

"Something like that." I said slightly uncomfortable to how automatically knew what was happening. Brody was staying with his girlfriend and Leo and Summer were going to visit her family. So that left me and after seeing there face's at Christmas when Brody and I left , i couldn't say actually i am not coming home either. "I don't want to share. No offence Spencer." 

He smirked throwing his cigarette over the edge of the roof. "So have you told your 'friends' about this?"

"No." I admitted "I will , I just - haven't had time." I said defending myself against Spencer 'You are joke' stare or at least that is what i called it. 

"I find that hard to believe." He said closing his eyes slightly "I can really see why you like it up here though."

"Your eyes are closed so you can't see anything and i have been busy." I snapped "I am on numerous sports team."

"Season's over."

"I have been studying."

"Classes are over."

"I just haven't told them because i don't see them much." 

"You live with them. It is impossible not to see them." Spencer smirked "But please continue these useless excuses Aria."

"They aren't you can live with people and not talk to them Spencer." I said "They are busy with their lives and i am busy with mine."

"I thought the whole point of sororities were so you have people who arent to busy." Spencer said sarcastically. "Sisters in all but blood." he added mockingly.

"Yeah well you thought wrong." I said rolling my eyes "You do know i could get you arrested for trespassing." 

Spencer shrugged "I just don't get it but whatever. When do the others leave."

I shrugged "I've been avoiding all talk of Summer holidays. Well attempting to , It's harder than i expected." I said frowning. "So can we stop talking about this. How about you what are you going to do for a Summer in Brown?" I asked.

"I heard Deer Hunter played here a few weeks ago. I am hoping for more concerts." He said "Do you mind?" He asked holding up my bottle of water. "Keep it." I said watching as drank from it , what good would that water be now.

"And you have to stay with Skye and.... Max?"

"Sounds like it." He commented "I can see what you mean that guy is a major wank.er. He told me my drawings were terrible."

"Aww poor Spence." I teased "But yes Max is a massive idiot. I don't know what your sister see's in him."

"A co.ck mostly."

"How insightful of you really." I said rolling my eyes. He shrugged "I speak the truth."

"So how is the boyfriend situation , I heard Sky ranting about you two attempting to be friends again." Spencer asked , raising an eyebrow. I should have known this would come up , apart from Dean , Spencer was the only one who heard what was happening while it was actually happening. 

"We are." I said nodding. "Are you going to tell me it is a terrible idea?"

"No." Spencer answered. "How is it going for you?" He asked curiously.

"Terribly." I answered honestly. "It's like i don't know how to act around him and i keep making comments about him being a cheater and he is getting annoyed because i bring it up and i just don't know maybe Dean was right and ex's can't be friends."

"Dean is your friend?" Spencer asked , i nodded "Ignore him he is to invested." Spencer said after a second "Now your ex needs to hear sh.t like that , If he can't stand hearing maybe he doesn't want to be just friends."

"So what should i do."

"Go along and see where it goes."

"That's what you told me last time." I said smirking , he shruged"It's your fault for asking my advice really."

"That is true." I said "How do i know you aren't to invested?" I asked smirking "I mean you did kiss me once." 

He rolled his eyes "I don't get invested remember. I observe make smart a.ss comments and generally make comments about the depressing reality of life."

"You really should have been a philopshy major." 

Spencer nodded "Maybe i will take it on as minor next year." He said shrugging "I was actually considering transferring to RISD at one point."

"Really?" I asked slightly amused "Why?"

"Because it's a good school." He answered simply. "Why else?"

I shrugged "I was thinking Columbia at one point.


"The lead singer of Vampire Weekend used to go there .. Duh." I said smirking "Have you heard their new album , Oh/ My/ God. Plus Ezra's tweet's are my favourite things... ever."

He nodded "Your music taste has got to so much better since December " He commented "We should both transfer their next year so we can fangirl over him. Or fanboy in my case."

"Sounds like a date." I winked. Spencer rolled his eyes at me. "You could say that."

"You should go to the Summer house." Spencer said asked a few minutes or silence. "Your parents wouldn't mind from what i've been told . Plus you can't live your life doing what other people tell you."

"So i should do what you tell me instead?"

"It sounds like you don't want to go." Spencer said "Do you actually want to go?"

"I don't know , I thought i did but now." I said shrugging "I don't think it would be right for me to go."

"Why not."

"Long story."

"I have all the time in the world , my sister is crazy and this chair is comfortable."

"Aria are you ready yet?" A voice called from downstairs "To bad i don't huh."

"Tell them you busy se.xually assaulting some poor unsuspecting boy on the roof , it's kind of your thing."

"Don't make me throw you off the roof."

"You'd miss me to much. Who would you go to for advice."

"I have no idea."
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