HEY BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!

trolololololol xD

So I was in a very elegant and dainty mood today soooo I made an elegant and dainty set. AND IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I think so ♥ but anyways. On with the blog (I ♥ that word)

So I'm reading this fanfic by @team-fang11 and its probably the best fanfic I have ever read on Polyvore. EVER. So please, read her fanfic. I am like, obsessed. :D You go, girl!! 

AND LETS SEE. I have softball practice today with a friend of mine, named Petra. And she's hilarious. Like I was texting her this morning and 
she's like "omg we have softball practice 2day" 
and i'm like "yeah ur first ever right? its gonna be fun :)" 
and she says " yay. lets all watch Petra suck."

I was laughing. ALOT. Its her first time playing a sport since she did track so she's nervous. And practice is like, in about an hour. I love softball, <3 I think I want to try out for my high school junior varsity team next year. BTW I AM GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL NEXT YEAR. teehee i don't think I ever told you guys, did I... Well, I'm going to a catholic hs called Archbishop Molloy High School. I had to take a test called a TACH test and it was like an annoying state test. :P but yeah. 

So I gtg get ready for practice. I love you all! ♥ BYEEEE :D

- Allie (the one and only and most awesome)
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