A Little Domestic

They had nothing to say to each other. Sherlock and John were having another domestic. It was childish really, but everyone knows how stubborn Sherlock is.

Sherlock was lying on the couch, while John was sitting in his usual chair, drinking tea. Neither one would look at each other. As the silence continued, the tension between the two grew and grew, till finally John spoke up.

"Is it really that difficult to take one second out of your day to put the cap back on the tooth paste bottle?" John placed down his tea, just in case he got the urge to through the cup at his flat mate.

"As a matter of fact, yes; yes it is," Sherlock said, arrogantly.

"Can you please explain to me why that is because I obviously do not understand!"

Sherlock sighed dramatically, like he always does when he thinks the person is an idiot for not understanding right away. "It is quite simple, John. I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth as quick as possible, so I could go check one of my experiments. If I was a second later, the liver would have dissolved almost completely, which would have destroyed the whole purpose of the experiment."

John rubbed his hand over his face. "I would think that if the experiment was so important to you, that you wouldn't even think to brush your teeth."

"Well obviously, you don't know me as well as you think you do."

"Oh you really think so? Fine then… it's not like I have been living with you for the past two years or anything."

"John, my brother doesn't even know me that well, and he has known me my whole life. And why does it matter anyway? It's just tooth paste."

"Because, Sherlock, I do not like it when the tooth paste gets all crusty because it has been left open, when you could have taken the time to at least place it on the opening of the bottle."

"Then, why don't you go and buy your own, instead of sharing mine?"

John was starting to get really irritated with Sherlock. "I bought the tooth paste with my money, so technically it is mine," John said, glaring at Sherlock. "So, why don't you go and get your own, so I don't have to share mine with you?"

Sherlock returned the icy glare that John was giving him. "Because, I am busy with more important things."

"You have been lying on that couch for the past two hours. What could possibly be so important?"

"Something, John, that your boring, little brain wouldn't understand."

John let out a frustrated grunt. Why does Sherlock have to be so damn impossible all the time? You know what? I am not even going to deal with him right now. He thought as he quickly got up, grabbed his jacket, and made his way towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Sherlock asked, confused by John's sudden movement.

"Out." John left it at that and stormed out the door, leaving Sherlock alone in the flat wondering what he said wrong.

This is a chapter from my FanFiction Story: Many Small Moments

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