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“Nice jeans.” I said to a good looking guy lying on the floor.
He looked up, smirking at me, “They are nice.” he said grinning. 
I bit my lip, “Usually this is where you compliment me.” I said as I looked him up and down. He was kinda hot.
He shrugged, “I’ll wait until you give me something good worth complimenting.” she told me still smirking. 
I nodded, already annoyed by his attitude, “Alright.” 
I walked off and he stopped me, “Hey!” 
I turned around and raised an eyebrow at him. “Nice as.s” he told me. 
I grinned, “It is nice.” I said and walked away, heading to what had to be my room.
I sighed, noticing that there were no windows in the the hallway that seemed neverending. Not only that placed looked creepy like a cemetery but I had to share my room too...and I was not the sharing type. But I would have thought of it later, threatening my roommate and kicking her a.ss out of the room.
I turned the corner and I looked at the number on my keys then back to the door that was a few steps from me.
A smell of weed and Miss Cherie filled my nostrils...it was familiar and intoxicating. I smirked as I stepped into the room, already knowing who was there.
"Thank god you're here," I brushed past the gorgeous girl called Chloe Clapton, slipping the joint from her fingers.
That must have been my lucky day, not only my roommate was a hottie, but she was the only girl I didn't hate. Actually I adored her like a goddess and she was a good friend too.
She raised an eyebrow, staring at me. "This place looks like a prison," she shut the bedroom door, leaving her bag on the floor as she walked over to the only window in the whole room.
"Didn't you see the brochure? It's a castle or some sh.t," I sat down on one of the beds, crossing my legs in front of me.
She smirked, leaning her back against the closed window, "So what do we do now?"
I shrugged, "Drink, f.ck, get high?"
"That's what we can do better than anything else", she grinned nodding her head.
I stretched out my arm, handing her the joint again, "I thought you were some kind of rock star too".
"I don't like labels", she said taking the stick as a cocky grin crossed her beautiful face.
"Sorry I forgot to mention your appareance on the cover of GQ", I laughed tossing my hair over my shoulder.
She smirked giving me a look, "did you like it?".
"I think that picture is still nailed in my bedroom", I winked at her.
"I wish I had a naked photo of you too", she smiled at me.
I felt my cheeks blushing a little as I glanced at her, "now you have the real thing baby".
"You're still dressed", she pointed out scanning my body.
"For now", I said looking at her through my lashes.
She laughed as she headed to the bathroom door, "Are you already hitting on me?".
"Didn't you miss your old friend?", I asked faking a pout.
"Sure I did little b.itch", she answered before throwing the door open and peeking her head into the room, "I'm afraid I'll get some disease if I take a bath here".
"I can-", I started.
She cut me off glancing over her shoulder, "...join me?".
"I wasn't going to say that", I said with an innocent smile.
"Too bad than", she grinned as she closed the door behind her.
I sighed, crawling on the floor and dragging next to me the huge leather bag that someone had taken in my room for me.
As I sat in front of the closet and I opened its door I realized that there was no way in hell that it would have been enough for two girls, mostly if the two girls in question were Chloe and me.
I unzipped my bag, starting taking out my clothes and putting them on the shelves, sorting them relogiously and by color...even if the most of them were black. I shook my head as I did the same with my shoes, cursing myself for being such an order maniac.
I glanced at my almost empty bag and I took a cigarette out of the pocket of my leather jacket, setting it in my mouth as I lit it.
Chloe's voice suddenly filled the room, even if she was still in the bathroom, she was singing a Beatles song...what was the title? Happiness is a warm gun, maybe. I couldn't help but smile, unzipping my beauty case and looking at its content...cocaine, meds, weed...the only thing was missing was my money.
I jumped on my feet, grabbing the bag on the bed and looking for my wallet...that was nowhere to be found.
"F.uck", I yelled punching the wall.
"Everything's okay?", Chloe called out loud from the bathroom.
"Yes", I answered casually as I grabbed my phone and dialed my father's number.
"Did I already miss you Stella?", he said as he answered.
I rolled my eyes, inhaling the smoke of my cigarette deeply, "I think I left my walled in your car Ozzy".
"Oh really?", he asked, but he didn't seem surprised.
"Uhm yeah, can you send it back to me please?", I almost begged him.
He laughed, "No baby. You won't need money where you are...I've already paid for everything you need".
"I wouldn't be that sure", I snorted as I tossed the cigarette out of the window, "Send me that f.ucking wallet back".
"No", he said, this time his tone was dead serious, "I won't give you any money".
I suddenly realized what son of a b.itch he was, "Did you take it, uhm?".
"I knew you were a smart kid", he laughed, "but only when you're clean."
"You're a f.ucking a.sshole", I said setting my jaw, "but you know what? I don't need your money to get what I want".
"I doubt that someone would give you something for nothing".
"I have myself to offer", I retorted.
"Is it a threaten Stella?", he said in a low growl.
"No, it's a promise", I said before hanging up.
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Wrote 5 years ago
Hey, i'm Lillian.

Wrote 5 years ago
I know, but I'm smarter than him and I'll find a way to get what I want ;)

Wrote 5 years ago
wow, dick move by your father there. hope you can get your fix.

Wrote 5 years ago
Its beautiful


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