House: Gryffindor
Parents: Ginny Weasley-Potter and Harry Potter
Siblings: Albus and James
Model: Ebba Zingmark (lookbook)

Lily has always been very mellow and effortlessly cool. She is very different from the most other kids in her year because of her interests, but she is respected because of it. Her brother James calls her a "hippie", which is completely accurate. Lily is a very caring and protective person. She is a wonderful friend and family member because of her loyal heart. She tends to be the one kid who doesn't really argue with anyone ever. 


Her family- She never is can be too cross with anyone in the Weasley or Potter family. She rarely gets upset with anyone anyway. 
Her friends- The Herbology nerds. She feels comfortable around them and loves them to bits.
Her herbology teacher- Professor Longbottom, a family friend, has been Lily's herbology teacher since she started taking the class. It has become her favorite subject because Professor Longbottom's easygoing personality makes the class simple and fun.

Playing acoustic guitar
Saving the planet
Quidditch- She is a keeper
Just hanging out
Doctor Who
London Days
Being with her family

Indian- Whenever the family decides to eat out, she always suggests Indian. The fresh veggies and spices are perfect for a vegan like her. 
Vegan Acid Pops 
Green Tea

Her room- covered in "save the thestrals" posters. Has a beaded doorway. 
Teacup- her cousin Hugo made her a lopsided teacup in transfiguration class (it used to be a hunk of tree bark because he knew she wouldn't want him to harm an animal) that she adores. 
Mirror shard- her father, Harry, gave this to her and told her the story of Sirius and Aberforth. She has kept it in her room ever since.
Shell Cottage/The Burrow/Her house- Lily loves the places that remind her of her family.
The common room- A fun place for her to chat with fellow Gryffindors

Lily loves hippie-ish muggle bands like Phish, Porcupine Tree, and others. She also likes some current singers such as Florence Welsh, The Shins, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Noah and the Whale. 

She loves herbology and is a pretty good student. her parents are always very impressed with her schoolwork. She is not up to her cousin Rose's standards, though, which is fine with Lily. She ocassionally follows James and the boys on their cray hogwarts adventures, but never gets in trouble. 

Lily hasn't had much drama in her life, unlike the majority of her family. Since she is such a cool, loving person, break-ups are never all that hard for Lily. Being friends is what counts for her. But, she always gives good advice to her cousins and brothers when they need it. 

NICKNAMES (and who says them)
Lils- Everyone who is close to her
Lily-flower- Parents, Teddy, and siblings
Tree-Hugger- James, Dom
Zen Zen- Rose, James, Teddy, Dom, Hugo, Lorcan, and Victoire 

"Woah, guise, cool your jets."
"Shhh. Can you please shut up a minute? I love this band..."
"Wait, was I not here for that?"
"I'm not that cool."
"Don't say that, ____ is a serious topic! People/Animals are _______!"
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