haha , haunting right? just kidding,
okay this is Awful , i know, im deleting this later,
well, i havent been on in FOREVER , made a set to be exact, ive been trying to enjoy my summer and not be addicted to polyvore, i am taking a break during school, only getting on here on weekends maybe, so dont be counting on me here everyday haha, 

so, i will miss everyone, :( 
today, has been the worst day ever for me, i got stung but a wasp! it hurt like fuckk, i was crying(i'm a baby) , because i got stung in the hand, and it just hurt sooo bad, :( but now its all good, sorry to be writing so much, 
((if you read this all, type "ticktock..")) aha

comment and favorr please? 
99% ORIGINAL (: -credit to Elle ♪♫ for the FABULOUS picture, 
well im out, pm me (:

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