Dear @thelovelyballerina11,
Firstly, I'd like to thank-you for the lovely message you sent me just the other day. It truly made my day 100x better and bought a smile to my face. I don't think I can thank-you enough because I really appreciate compliments like that. Now, about those adorable sets of yours, I love them. They're unique and colourful and what is there not to love about them? I'd be here for hours if I listed everything I liked about your sets.

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Wrote one year ago
@abcdefuck n.n You're so adorable omg.
Thank-you ♥

Wrote one year ago
(on a "I have to fave all your sets" spree)

Wrote two years ago
Ahhhhh I'm dying, love! Thank you SOSOSOSOO much! I think I may actually go cry. That was so sweet!! And this set (all your sets) is amazing :)
Love you, darling