say hello to the mysterious new student from london who suddenly showed up out of the blue to beauxbaton one day ;]

AGE: Seventeen
BLOOD TYPE: Possibly a Pureblood (though she hasn't confirmed or denied that)
YEAR: Seventh
HOUSE: Mauplumé

old spellbooks, Salem, Massachusetts, black cats, New Orleans, Louisiana, traveling, ancient Egyptian history, the color black, her snake, crime novels, voodoo, gardens, tattoos, the summer solstice, incense, poker, the history of Tom Riddle, dangerously high high-heels, exotic flowers, the Dark Arts, DADA, apothecary & potions class 
overly cheerful people, misjudging, being the new girl, Hogwarts, her past, questions about her past, questions pertaining to her family...or why she's here...or what happened that made her transfer to Beaxbaton...or really any question that requires her to talk about herself.
no one in particular that she talks about
+ Orpheus Adelphi (Jeremy Irons) -- her estranged father and last living relative, he is a member of the Ministry of Magic who recently stepped down from the title of Prime Minister for reasons unknown. He resides back in London, and has a shady past, much like is daughter.
Unless you're counting her ability to seemingly appear from out of no where, then it's potions class, especially if it's pertaining to the dark arts
+ If yes,which position: Keeper (a position she recently tried out for)

+ Charms
+ Potions
+ History of Magic
+ Transfiguration
+ Study of Ancient Runes
+ Arithmancy
+ Divination
+ Art
+ Ancient Studies

PET: Green garden snake named Silas
WAND: 10" Dark Cherry with Pheonix tailfeather core, flexible and pliable
PATRONUS: She won't say what it is, although some students have claimed to see her conjuring a wolf
BOGGART: Again, she won't say what it is
BEST MEMORY: And yet once again, she won't say what it is. Although you can be sure it is a highly guarded, close-kept secret that no one will ever know about.
HEIRLOOMS? Nothing personal, although she's identifiable by the mysterious Fleur-de-lis tattoo she has over her heart. She won't say what it means, but the other students have their theories.
One day, the students of Beauxbaton were going about their normal routines and attending classes, gossiping about the latest scandal, and deciding who would be captain of this year's Quidditch teams. And then the next? Arielle arrives amidst a terrible lightening storm, trunks in tow, all by herself with no past, no story, and no reason as to why she suddenly became a student so late at Beauxbaton (not to mention, the night of her arrival also happened to coincide with an eclipse--black magic, some might say). Before Arielle's arrival, it was unheard of for someone to transfer to the prestigious wizarding school. In fact, it had never been done before. When questioned as to why Arielle suddenly arrived, she'd just smile sweetly, shake her head and carry on with a different conversation. No one knows why Arielle is here. Of course, some imaginative students have their theories (and they'll whisper them to each other in the halls when she's not around, like how she was expelled from Hogwarts or stole another witch's powers and soul), but for the most part, it remains a mystery. Arielle is sweet, or so she seems. She's always smiling, willingly able to help out when need be, and has a soft voice like an angel. But ask any student around the school and they'll tell you differently. While kind and endearing as she might seem, some people beg to differ and claim there's just something /off/ about Arielle and the air of mystery and darkness surrounding her. She has no family (other than the connection someone discovered between her and Prime Minister Orpheus Adelphi) and rarely discusses her personal life. She's oddly infatuated with the history of Tom Riddle and excels in DADA. Potions class seems to come too naturally for her. She can always be spotted with a Dark Arts book tucked under her arm, and people just can't wrap their heads around the reason why she prefers to carry her pet snake Silas around her neck when she ventures out of her dormitory. To many people, Arielle just doesn't seem /right/. This of course has led to a myriad of rumors and stories ranging from the grotesque (she's actually a Death Eater) to the absurd (she killed her family and is out seeking more blood for a dark magic ritual to rule the Earth). But if you see Arielle in the halls, she'll smile, wave, ask how you've been, and then carry on her merry way without a care in the world, leaving you with a chilling feeling creeping down your spine for reasons you just can't figure out.
REQUEST: Ideally, a 7th year prefect and captain of Mauplumé's Quidditch team because I'm planning on having Arielle garner a lot of power and positions (especially for a new student who just arrived) leading the other students to question why and how she's suddenly gotten so influential *ie, she has plans...or rather, a plan...which will be revealed at a later time*
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