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•Bonnie Frances Crawford
It’s surprising how well dumb luck works for Bonnie. She has been in the center of many cataclysmic events and can’t really tell you how she got out of them. In fact, she might not even be sure she was in them in the first place. Somehow, her blind optimism allows her to cruise through life relatively unscathed. “My car broke down on the highway, but a thin, tall gentleman with big eyes and an otherwise featureless face gave me a lift. I don’t really remember the car ride…or the car… just a strange…lingering smell…like pennies and burnt rubber and ozone…but still! What luck!” Despite her apparent disconnect from reality, she is by no means stupid and is indispensable as a nurse at Allgood Springs General Hospital and has dealt with everything from radiation poisoning to re-animation.
Model: Jessica Chastain
Taken by: @unicorns-and-sugarcubes (hopefully)

5 Facts:
+She was born and raised to a single mother, who died under mysterious circumstances about 10 years ago.
+She’s currently engaged to a mechanic named Archer Crosley. 
+She’s very close with her younger sister Carrie
+She drives a cherry red mustang convertible, a gift from Archer
+Few people know this about her, but she’s actually amazing at baking. Her specialty: cherry pie.

Style: Bonnie’s style is sort of a stylized 50s look, maybe even sort of pin-up like. When she’s not on duty, she wears things like skater dresses and high waist shorts, and she owns about a million bandanas for her hair. Her makeup of choice is bright red lipstick.

+Jennifer Crawford (Amy Adams)-Mother (Deceased) 
+Carrie Crawford (Evan Rachel Wood)- Sister
+Archer Crosley (Jensen Ackles)- Fiance

Top 3:
+Bonnie Frances Crawford
+Ada Eakly
+Obedience Waitstill

It was late afternoon and I had just finished my shift at the hospital and was headed home. I hummed along with the radio as the landscape of the town passed me by. I was perfectly content until suddenly, a thought occurred to me and I slammed on the breaks. 
It was Archer's birthday tomorrow, and I'd been so busy with work I hadn't gotten him anything.
I did a u turn and high tailed it off in the direction of the antique store a little ways from town. 
I browsed the shelves until I saw it. It was sitting there in the cornor, passed over by many eyes and overlooked in favor of other more valuable sundries. It was an old-fashioned record player, and it was perfect. Archer, who was an avid collector of vinyls, had one once, but it was long since rendered useless. A new one was just what he needed. Without a second thought, I bought it and headed home to start a nice cherry pie for when Archer got home from work.
I was driving along the highway when suddenly, my car made a strange noise, sputtered and began to slow. I made my way to the shoulder just in time for the car to stop completely, leaving me stranded. I was still a while away from town, and walking would take a long time. I didn't have a cell or anything on me either, so I was pretty much stuck with no way of getting any help. 
Irritated, I huffed and crossed my arms, trying to formulate a plan and coming up with nothing. This particularl stretch of highway was pretty lonely, so I didn't know if any cars would pass by soon. 
I was about ready to lay down and give-up when suddenly, I heard a faint tapping on my window. I rolled it down as I found myself facing a tall, thin gentleman standing beside my car.
He was an odd fellow, pale with big eyes and a featureless face. He had on a fancy black suit, which was sure odd.
"I noticed you seem to be in a bit of trouble", his voice was strange, an ethereal whisper that seemed to come in delicate spurts, like gusts of breeze on a summer night. 
"Yeah," I replied, "I think my car's broken down, and I really need to get home. It's my fiance's birthday today!"
"I can give you a ride", he said.
"How kind of you!" I laughed, relieved, "I thought I was going to be stuck here for hours!"
 "Happy to help", he told me.
"I just need to get to a phonebooth or something so I can call for a tow truck."
"Well then, please do let me give you a ride".
Smiling, I hopped out of the car and thought happily about what a stroke of luck this was.
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