Miley had managed her little café on her own for a year by now. It Always had been her big dream of having one of those little cafés where you feel at home, where you really love to come and feel comfortable, and not too expensive. The first thing on her mind was the well beeing of the people that would visit her. It weren't many, since it was just little somewhere in the middle of nowhere from Paris, but she didn't care, she loved this place.
After already a few hours of standing behind the counter she only had two visiters, but then her eyes went over to the open door as two male walked in, they seemed so busy talking to eachother, that she'd just wait a little and let them choose wherever they wanted to sit and pick something to drink.
After a few more minutes she walked up to them and took out her little notebook from her apron and smiled and them and started to talk French to them "Good afternoon sirs, what could I get you?" She noticed the one younger man just staring at her like he had seen a ghost, but then heard the other man, who could be his father or some older friend or whatever start in english. Then it hit her, of course he'd stare at her like she was crazy if he didn't understand, so she started in english with a little frech accent "Good afternoon, what could I get you? Did you already decide?" She asked them, as she still noticed one of them staring at her, until the other made him snap out of it.

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Wrote three years ago
As she started going on her rant his frown intensified and he could feel all eyes on him, and of course stupid paparazzi flashing too many pictures but did any of them care? Not really, what was important right now was them. "Miley..miles..mi-.." But she kept going and then tears began to fill her gorgeous blue eyes which made his heart break apart. Smiley Miley, the positive happy girl wasnt so happy anymore, he'd broken her, hurt her and lied. Of course unintentionally. ", no of course you're not some fling..I was going to tell you! I was going to explain I promise" he tried countering but then she did the unexpected. She flat out told him to grt lost, no more seeing him or talking to him. It was over. And she began running away, every footstep she took away from him broke his heart but he didn want to hurt her anymore. Maybe he really wasnt good for her, maybe she deserved someone a million times better than him. And he turned around and somehow found his way back on stage, apologizing to everyone about whatever just happened, and finishing this damn stupid concert with a final song. No more happy love songs either; just a sad break up song, until when it was over, he didnt even wait for Miley, he hopped off stage and his body guards helped him get to his limo that straight away took him to his hotel as he began packing. His plane flew tomorrow morning, that night went by as a mess and disaster and in the morning, Nick Jonas was already on his flight back to his hometown.

Wrote three years ago
Miley couldn't even listen to the words he said to the crowd infront of him, you probably could hear her heart break into million pieces if it would be quiet right now, and to make it even worse, her "twin" walked up on stage with him, just the perfect couple, singing a lovey dovey song. But then she noticed his eyes staring right into hers, she didn't move or said anything. But the next thing was too much for her, they kissed, she didn't want to see no more. She turned around quickly and pushed through the crowd, she just wanted to be away, away from him, away from all the lies. Her feet started to hurt from the running in heels, but she didn't care right now, but soon she felt someone grab her arm, "him" of course. Just by the look fo him infront of her she wanted to slap him, and his use of words made it even worse "Complicated" She said in english and kept her eyes on him, but then started in French again, not the slow normal love talking, but the quick sad/mad talking "Complicated? That isn't fuckingg complicated! This is a bad joke! She is your girlfriend! You...y-you" She felt her own words break, and she wasn't used to that, she Always had been the strong girl ever since her mom died, and here he was, breaking her. "You lied" She said slower again "I really am just some vacation fun to you. But you know what's even worse? Yesterday, with my family, you lied to them made a fool of all of us, just...just to be with...her. No, Nick, I don't want to talk about it some other time, and I don't want to hear your explanation..our whole relationship was build up on a lie. We don't even have a relationship, I'm just your little French fling that lasted for a vacation." She never has felt so broken and used "I never want to see you again...Understood?" She said in english, she didn't want to be close to him anymore, no more love talk, no more French "Goodbye" And with that she just turned around and walked down the Streets, and soon she felt the tears run down her cheeks, how could that happen to her? How could she be so stupid and fall for his stupid games, foolish girl.

Wrote three years ago
"Thank you!" Nick smiled seeing the crowd go wild over a song he recently finished singing as he adjusted his microphone and pulled a stool over as he sat down on the edge with the guitar on his lap. "I wanted to just say how thankful I am for my fans..without you guys I wouldn't be here. I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed my time in France" he nodded, "this next song is really close to my heart..and I want to dedicate it to a special women in my life" he smiled and played. A sweet love ballad, related to of course Miley. But he had no idea Miley was here. Until the song ended and his cake 'girlfriend' stepped on stage with her fake smile as she insisted that her and Nick sing together. And reluctantly he agreed as they sang together, except maybe 4 lines into the song and Nick noticed a beautiful brunette on the front row. Who looked exactly like..Miley. His eyes widened and heart sank and his entire world flipped over, as he knew that she'd figured it all out somehow. As he kept his eyes on no one except her and seeing the broken and disappointed look on her face just broke his heart. Until he realized he wasnt even singing anymore, "hu?" He glanced over at Miley who kept patting his arm. "Baby, sing, it's your line" she whispered to him with a little smile and leaned in to peck hi lips, just to piss off Miley, and of course the crowd went nuts as they all 'awww'ed and pretty much everyone was in love with this couple, Niley seemed perfect. "Don't" nick said to only her quietly with a little warning glare as he put down his guitar and began to walk off the stage, headed straight for the front row. Except Miley seemed like she didnt want to see anymore, as she began quickly walking away. "Miley! Miles!" Nick kept calling out as he tried to follow her, until finally he pushed through the crowd an ran after her for minutes. "Miley wait" he stopped her as he gently grabbed her arm and turned her around. "'s not what it looks like..I promise''s complicated..remember?" He frowned softly but he knew he broke her heart with all his lies and he couldn't believe what he had done to such a special girl. "Please..can we talk about this some other time? I can explain.." He tried to counter as he feared now Miley would never want to see him again.

Wrote three years ago
Miley's heart broke and her whole world crashed at her words, she was right, Nick used her, yesterday he met up with that girl, not with his brother, it was just some lame excuse, and even worse, he lied to her dad and brother. She felt like fainting any second as her head felt so dizzy. After a couple minutes since Miley left, she walked up to the door and put up the "closed" sign and just broke down. She cried for what felt like hours, she felt so pathetic for believing every word he had said, for falling for him, so idiotic. After a while shelooked up at the clock and saw the time, nearly 2, should she go? and see it wih her own eyes what's been going on? She debated with herself a little while before she got up and got ready to leave. After a little while walking it was Obvious she wasat the right place, screaming girls all over, it was some "small" concert at a big free market place. She snug through the crowdand somehow could make her way to the front and looked up to the stage and couldn't believe her own eyes, it really was him, his voice, looks, everything. She just kept staring up at him as all the sounds around her were numb for her by now, no screaming, no music, no singing, just her own heartbeat bouncing in her ear. Her world got crashed she never has been so heartbroken.

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