Heeey there everybody!

's been a while since the last time I actually said something here, so let me upgrade you all on my life. I'm still on summer break (until the end of February, i guess), and I'm about to start senior year. yes, I am freaking out! hum, I got my grades yesterday, and I think I did pretty well (9 100 out of 13). And my cat has been sick, so that was one of the biggest reasons I wasn't on very often (he's better now ^^).

This set is dedicated to my sweeties @manddyemary, @tesspa, @asia-12, @mzbossyfashions11, @marijoumg, @florapin, @emavera, @carolnobreo, @ilikecheese35, @onedirection-imagine-luv, @selena3333, @tigertoes, @laonela , @riyanabbasi, @pixiestix33, @fearlessstyle101 and @thplacebo!

(if anyone of you want to be out of my tag list, just pm me! no problems, i won't be mad!)

♪ Song: She's not Afraid - One Direction ♪

xx - Liss
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