Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Sorry. I didn't expect this to be long! :o

“I’m so glad you came!” Woohyun eyes were sparkling under the darkening sky. He couldn’t stop staring at Eun who dressed a little different than usual.
“Is that a swimsuit?” Woohyun opened her denim vest to get a better look.
“Yes, pervert!” Eun slapped his hands and covered her chest embarrassingly.

Eun hung around Woohyun for a little bit before wondering over to her new friends. Nearly every girl there had something to say about at least one of the boys.
“Do you think Woohyun really likes me?” Eun managed to say outloud. “He’s so funny and cute... I’m always feeling so flustered around him.” Eun tried covering her blushing face with her hands.
“Yeah, I bet those girls are thinking the same thing about him.” Chorong pointed to Woohyun from afar, chatting with a few of the Camp Girls.

“Heyyyyy sexy ladies!~” Woohyun serenaded the girls to the tune of Gangnam Style.
“Omo.” Subin gave Woohyun a surprised look. “You’re that rude boy from the other day!”
“What? Rude boy? When???”
“You ignored Subin unnie for some sl*ut!” Gaeun sounded.
“Ya! Eun is not a sl*ut!” Woohyun shouted out of reflex. “I mean.. You are probably mistaking me for my friend, Sunggyu. I’m the one with bigger eyes, see?” Woohyun widened his eyes.
The girls however, were not amused. One even managed to throw a beach ball at his head before the rest of them turned their backs to him and leave.
“Aish jinjja...” Woohyun rubbed the spot where he got hit.

“Do you want another beer?” Yurim stood up and looked down at Eun.
“No, it’s more than enough.” Eun smiled back, lifting her half full bottle. She watched Yurim leave to the car for another helping of drinks, and looked back at Chorong who had left the girls earlier to hang with Simon.
And with Eun sitting alone by herself, Sunggyu thought it would be the perfect moment to give her a good scare.

“YA!” Eun hit Sunggyu’s arm. “Don’t scare me like that!”
“Ahh sorry.” Sunggyu laughed. “But your expression was priceless!”
Eun rolled her eyes as Sunggyu started to laugh again.“Here, I brought you another beer.” Sunggyu gave her a bottle.
“Thanks but no thanks.” Eun pushed the bottle away. “If I go home drunk, my parents would kill me.”
“Alright, alright. Do you want to go dance then?”
“I don’t know...” Eun sighed. She was staring at Woohyun again. This time he was chatting with Sunmin and Changjo.
“Well what about swimming?” Sunggyu suggested.
“No.” Eun smiled. “I may be dressed the part but honestly, I can’t even swim.”
“Jinjja?” Sunggyu was surprised.
“Yes, really! You won’t tell people will you? It’s embarrassing enough..”
“Okay I won’t breathe a word.” Sunggyu put a finger over his lips.

“Omomomo.” Eun hit Sunggyu’s leg repeatedly to get his attention. “Woohyun’s looking at me!”
Sunggyu looked over to see Woohyun waving to Eun before going back to his conversation. Sunggyu also noticed Eun was waving back excitedly. He could practically see the hearts spewing from her eyeballs.

“Woohyun sure likes talking to girls...” Eun muttered.
“Yeah, he’s a bit of a Casanova..” Sunggyu replied.
“All these girls here are pretty too. Do you think I’m pretty enough for Woohyun?”
“Um.. what?” Sunggyu felt shocked seeing all these feelings Eun suddenly started to express for Woohyun.
“I said...” Eun turned her body to face Sunggyu. “Am I pretty?”
Sunggyu nodded his head. Of course he thought she was pretty! He wanted to tell her she was beautiful even. But instead he just replied with a simple, “yeah.”
“Well that’s good.” Eun finished up her beer and grabbed the other bottle Sunggyu intended to give to her.
“I thought you didn’t want that..” Sunggyu spoke.
“Ah, who cares anymore.” Eun took a swig of the bottle. “Woohyun’s probably not talking with me because I’m not being outgoing enough.”
“So you’re going to get yourself drunk?”
“Sure. Why the hell not?”

Sunggyu wanted to stop her but couldn’t. Eun was able to reach her limit and contribute to the life of the party.
“NEO NA ARA!~” Eun and Woohyun danced like wild animals to Tasty’s You Know Me.

After the song was over Woohyun had already began taking off his shirt. “Ahh I’m so hot from dancing! Let’s go swim!” Woohyun held Eun’s hand and pulled her to the shore.
“Swim?” Sunggyu remembered his conversation earlier with the sober Eun. “Ya! Eun!” Sunggyu tried to call her but was ignored.
Woohyun helped strip Eun to her bathing suit and led her to the water.
“YA!” Sunggyu ran as fast as he could to the both of them.
“Oh, Hyung. You want to swim too?”
“Ya. Eun can’t swim!” Sunggyu shouted abruptly.
Woohyun widened his eyes at his statement and turned back at Eun wandering further into the ocean.
Both boys raced to the ocean to get Eun out. Sunggyu got to her faster and was able to get Eun on his back.
“Am I dying?” Eun mumbled.
“No.” Sunggyu laughed.
“Aigoo. She’s cuter than me when I’m drunk.”
“You’re not drunk?” Sunggyu asked Woohyun.
“No.” He smiled.
“Then why would you act so carelessly?!”
“How am I supposed to know she couldn’t swim??”
“Aish.. did you at least get her clothes?”
“Uh.. I thought you got them..” Woohyun retorted.
“Woaaaaah.” Eun sounded as Sunggyu made a 180 degree turn back to the shore. “Dizzy...”
“Eun. Please don’t puke on me...” Sunggyu said, frightened.
“Sorry Woohyun oppa. I promise I won’t.”
“Oppa?” Woohyun smiled. “Hyung. She thinks you are me.” He laughed.

After retrieving Eun’s clothes from the shore. Sunggyu agreed it was best that they took her to their home- Sunggyu’s home. Even though Woohyun’s family lived in town, they agreed to let Woohyun live alone with his best friend.

“Oppa put me down.” Eun wiggled her legs. Sunggyu sat Eun down on the couch and watched as she slumped over.
“I’ll go get a blanket...” Sunggyu hurried to another room.
“Are you okay?” Woohyun asked.
Eun shook her head no.


“HYUUUUNG!” Woohyun whined to Sunggyu before taking action. He grabbed Eun and rushed her to the bathroom.
“Never did I ever think I would have to do this...” Woohyun stayed by Eun’s side to wait for her to let out her alcohol in the toilet.

Sunggyu came back to the bathroom to find Woohyun sitting in the bathtub, waiting patiently for Eun to start cleaning her system.
“How is she?” Sunggyu joined Woohyun in the bathtub.
“She's trying..” Woohyun replied. “You’re not mad at me are you?”
“Of course not. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Well that’s a relief.”


“Aren’t you glad I can hold my liver, Hyung?”
“Yes. I am very glad.”

After Eun was done, she started to cry.
“Omo. What’s wrong, Eunnie?” Woohyun got out of the tub to stand her up from the ground.
“My parents are going to kill me!”
“No they won’t.” Sunggyu also left the tub to wipe her tears. “Just sleep here tonight. We can take you back in the morning.”

Sunggyu led Eun to the couch while Woohyun gave her a cup of water to drink. Both boys successfully got Eun to a comfortable state where she was able to fall asleep peacefully.

“I know I say this about every girl but... I really like Eun.”
“Oh, how surprising...” Sunggyu said sarcastically.
“I’m serious though! She’s really... something.”
“I know.” Was all Sunggyu managed to say. He cared for Woohyun too much to reveal his own feelings he had for Eun. The last thing he would want is for his best friend to have a broken heart.
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