She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's salt of the earth and she's dangerous♪♫
- Green Day. 
This is the last of my drafts, using another one of Dimitri C’s pictures. This outfit I created...well, I’d so wear it! :)
I really like that photograph of the girl, kind of resembles a character I want to write about, lol. Basically she’s a tomboy, a rebel of the guys. I had this sort of...idea about her, but it’s quite vague at the moment. I think image of the girl just fits the character, especially those All-Star Converses she’s wearing ^-^ 

Oh I’ve posted another post :) 
I hope I’m not getting obsessed with talking about my uninteresting life on that site, lol. I had to put that John Green quote on my profile :)
Is it me? Or has the X Factor gone shit? I used to love it but this year...personally I think it has gone shit. I’m still mourning that Aiden’s gone :( I was so surprised. I wanted him to win! He was my favourite one there; with everyone else (apart from Rebecca & Matt)...well to be honest I didn’t care. He was more versatile and I like how intense he is when he sings! Especially Michael Jackson’s Thriller, I was impressed how he made it his own :) because no one could replicate a Michael song. I think he could be the next Burberry model :D I can actually see it. 
I’d love to see Cher and Katie in the bottom two. Actually, that would make my day. 
I don’t have anything against them; I just...don’t see why they’re getting so much publicity. I mean...what’s so interesting about them? I laugh every time Wagner gets through the votes! That’s amazing, he’s like another Jedward. 
I think Cheryl Cole looks like an orange XD. Red really isn’t her colour (in my opinion). Someone should have told her that. 

I really like that Rebecca Minkoff Runway Design Challenge that’s going on polyvore right now. “tiny” problem I have. 
Why is it only available to “only” US residents? Talk about unfairness. What is this? Making contests “only” for people from the US. I know people say “life is unfair,” but this is ridiculous. 
I think I should transfer to somwhere in the states then. [Note: Irony]. 

Hope everyone is having a good week.
I have a lecture tomorrow. All I've been doing is yawning in them for the past 3-4 weeks. They're that boring.
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