(collab with my panda, whom I missed tons and totally love for starting :D)


I watched as the guy in the scuffed up converses walked past me for the fourth time, puffing on a cigarette.
"Those'll kill you, you know."
"Sh.t," He said, he's clashing against mine, "I didn't think anyone else would be up this early."
My eyebrow lifted, "Clearly."
"Am I intruding on your thoughts," I asked lazily.
"I could probably stand to think less anyways."
"Who is she?"
"Who is who?"
"The girl you're thinking about."
He narrowed his eyes on me, "Who are you?"
I grinned, offering my hand, "Quinn."
"Cayden," he said taking my hand in a firm quick shake, "What makes you think that I'm thinking about a girl?"
I lifted an eyebrow, as I pulled out my cigarette case, "Well aside from the fact that you've been running your hand through your hair for the past twenty minutes and now resemble a cockatoo, and that you're on your fourth cigarette, you have the stupidest look on your face."
I lit my cigarette, taking a drag I considered him. 
“Those will kill you, you know.”
I let out a short laugh, as I looked at the cancer stick in my hand, “Trust me, these are the last of the things that will kill me.”
“I’m not used to thinking about a girl.”
I felt my eyebrow quirk, “Are you used to thinking about guys?”
“No,” he shook his head, “I mean I’m not use to thinking about a specific one.”
“Sucks doesn’t it,” I took another drag, blowing smoke into the frosty air.
“I guess,” he said kicking at a loose piece of gravel, finally he looked up from his feet, “So what did you do to land here?”
I sighed, knowing that everyone would ask me this eventually, “Isn’t there a don’t ask don’t tell policy here?”
He laughed, “There is, but we’ll all find out eventually.”
I shrugged, at least then everyone could think what they want. I took another drag, letting my breath out slowly.
“Besides pacing, what is it you do for fun around here?”
“Get high, get drunk….get-“
“Laid,” I finished
“And I'm guessing we try not to fall for those girls huh?” 
“I don’t fall for anyone.” 
“There’s a first time for everything.” 
“Do you only speak in sarcasm or clichés?”
“Occasionally I speak in riddles.”
“You got jokes too.”
I shrugged, standing up and flicking my cigarette to the ground, “Let me know when the wedding is, but only if it’s an open bar.”
“Yeah, your real funny man.”
I broke off as she appeared; brunette, beautiful, coming out of the mist like some sort of ethereal being. My breathing slowed, halted in my chest, as my pulse danced an uneven rhythm. What was she doing here? How did-
Cayden looked behind him to see what I was staring at, he grinned calling out, “Chloe.”
I blinked, staring between the two. Feeling inflicted with some disease that made me think of her.
The brunette, Chloe?, stood in front of me talking to Cayden.
They finally turned towards me, “Quinn, my sister Chloe. Chloe, Quinn.”
She looked me up and down for a full minute as I stood silently there, before turning back to her brother, “Does it speak?”
I was entirely too sober for this. 
“Did you fu.ck him or something? He looks like he’s seen a ghost.” 
“No.” she said seriously. “Well not yet at least.” 
“You’re gross.” 
“Pot calling the kettle black!” 
“What is with the clichés today?!?”
“Sorry my brother’s an a.shole. It’s nice to meet you.” 
I nodded vaguely, trying to remember how to breathe again, “You too. And I’ve met worse than your brother.” 
“Why are you guys up so early?” she asked. “Well not Cade, he’s always been an early riser. It’s a family trait.” 
“And that family is?” 
I nodded, knowing the feeling of not wanting people to know who you were related to, “Well, I’m going to bed. Jet lag from Hell, is jet lag from Hell.”
I headed inside, planning on taking enough pain pills to wipe today and the past three years from my memory, at least for a little while.

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