Name: Charlie Evans
Age 20
Birthday: 17/09/1991. 
Known as: The child star grown up,
Favourite song: You need me , I don't need you - Ed Sheeran.
Cause with the lyrics I’ll be aiming it right
I won’t stop till my name's in lights
At stadium heights with Damien Rice
On red carpets, now I’m on Arabian Nights
Because I’m young and all my brother's gonna give me advice
Long nighter, short height and I gone hyper
Never be anything but a singer-songwriter
The game's over but now I’m on a new level
Occupation: Student/ Works in a book store
Likes: beaches, writing songs , mango smoothies, photography , accents , vintage clothes , record stores , autumn , summer
Dislikes: tabloids , her name, bullies, twilight , football of any sorts , taxes, most paranormal stories out right now , dealing with her parents.
Musical inspiration: Kate Nash , Ed Sheeran , Florence+Machine , Adele , Spice Girls , Destiny's Child , Salt 'n' Peppa.
Biography: Does the name Charlie Evans ring a bell? No. How about Charlotte Collins? Sound's familar right? That would be because back when Charlie (Don't call her Charlotte any more. Just don't.) was a kid , she was part of beloved Australian show 'Our House' . She played the sassy seven year old niece of Len Desmond, the show's resident heart breaker. Like all good things the shows run came to an end when Charlie was 10. Like all child stars Charlie did have to pay the price for her fame. Her parent's soon got divorced which was a hard thing for any kid yet alone one who thought it was all her fault. Then there was school where she would spend most lunch times getting bullied. Now it would have been easy for Charlie to go down the typical Child star route , daddy issues , a cocaine addiction and boozed up with no knickers but no she decided to chanel her angst into her music.
Which lead us to the 20 year old one woman we see now Charlie Evans. Charlie is now an independent , strong willed woman trying to make it in the business of music. She has all the skills to actually suceed at this but unfortunely there is something in the way , as always people can't let go of the seven year old they used to see.
Hidden talent: She is actually a really good writer , not just songs but in general.
Relationship Status: Nothing Serious.
Model: Giza Lagarce

Connections because i can't think of anything for anyone at the current moment.
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