~Lily Allen, 22 {I love her voice so much, the inflection of her accent in her voice is perfect.}

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SATURDAY: Relax, it's a free day!

A day not scheduled, a day unplanned.

It was a nightmare.

I was not used to things not having a specific time, a specific date, a specific order. Everything had to have a place and a time and certain way of doing it.

But not today. Today, I was free to do whatever I wanted, and I had no idea what to do. 

So I called my parents, just because that's what first came to mind.

"Lucca, sweetie!" Mom's voice burst with enthusiasm over the line as she picked up the phone. "How's your senior year?"

"Great," I told her, not lying. But it wasn't like I was really doing anything extremely amazing. "How's Dad?"

"Oh, he's doing just fine. He's at work right now, of course. The news stations have been blowing up, I'm sure you've heard," she said, her voice faltering a bit.

My breath caught. "What... What are you talking about?"

"It's been all over every station here, not just Detroit. They're reopening that case from three years ago," she said. 

And the phone all but fell to the floor, before I caught it, trying to hold onto to it and my sanity. "Why?" I managed to ask in a normal tone.

"They've found some new evidence." Mom paused here. "Oh, honey, you shouldn't be worrying about this. I know it was so hard on you when it happened. Those girls were just your age."

"Katie, Brianna, and Jade," I whispered their names, tasting them on my tongue as they slithered out my mouth for the first time since their deaths. 

"Poor girls," Mom said, just as I knew she would. "Hopefully they find out the truth this time. I can't imagine what their families have gone through."

"Yeah..." I said, distant, eyes blank as I stared at my dorm room wall. "Mom, I have to go..."

"Lucca? Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine, just remembered I have to meet someone at the library."

"Okay, love you sweetie," she said as I glanced at the clock. 

"Love you, Mom," I told her before ending the phone call and letting the phone slip from my hands and to the comforter under me.

The clock said 5:20. I wondered how long it would take me to get ahold of my old friend Dan... 

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