+Blood Gets Thin by Pete and the Pirates

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Hi, I'm Maddie, and this set has no color scheme. 

Sooo...what's been up with everybody? Did you all have a good Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate? Did you all get good presents? Gee, how many more questions can I bombard you guys with? 

I had a lovely Christmas. My cousin came to visit from California, but he's leaving tomorrow. I spent lots of time with my family, which was nice. I got some awesome presents. My momma got me the best pin for my school id lanyard; it says 'I wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life' and I love it. She also got me penguin footy pajamas that are pretty much the comfiest things on earth. For that, I am forever grateful. 

Hm...what else do I have to talk about...not much, really. I suppose I'll just ramble.

I got boots like the ones in this set yesterday! Mine are black, though. They are wonderful and I never want to take them off again. They hurt a bit because I have to break them in, but I don't even care, they're so wonderful.

Evan Peters is a beautiful human being. :3 He reminds me of a puppy dog, but in a good way. My friend and I had a lengthy conversation today about Tate from AHS, and we probably look like freaks because we go around saying stuff like "I will wear a trench coat and light you on fire" and "Harder, I like it rough" to each other. Plus, we refer to Tate as if he's an actual person that we know. We tell each other to shut up because Tate is getting annoyed at least twice a day. Falling in love with fictional characters, y'know.

I feel like I should have something else to talk about...but I don't. 

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