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Shia in the Morning:
Shia Falls/Shia & Yvaine:
Shia’s P.O.V.
{part one: In the Morning}

My thought processes had changed. They had always been along the lines of Yvaine and I, like “our birthday” or “the time we started school” but as I woke up that day, it didn’t occur to me that it was ‘our’ birthday until I locked my sight onto a picture of Yvaine sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. I looked at myself in the mirror taking in a sharp breath. I was going to grow older, and Yvaine would only ever be sixteen. It felt as by someway that I was leaving her behind, even if I didn’t want to. As much as I tried to imagine it then, her face couldn’t age it. Only seemed to digress backwards growing younger and smaller, until the thought of her blood on me shook me to push her out of my mind. It was going to be a long day, unfortunately I didn’t have classes to distract me but at least I wouldn’t be accosted going to class or taunted as I went to the common room for the day. But today I would be reminded inadvertently of the fact Yvaine wasn’t here with the looks of my friends and of Noah; they’d try to look at /me/ but they’d be thinking I was one Adler shy of a pair. 

I took another breath in and closed my yes. “Pretend, okay. Pretend like it doesn’t bother you. Cry if you must but not where they can see you…” I said to myself. “They don’t need to pity you more.” My voice dropped as I opened my eyes back up, and out of the corner of my eye I swear I could have seen Yvaine smiling at me. I squeezed my eyes shut again and shook my head then forced them back open, hoping that she wouldn’t be there. The last thing I needed was to start hallucinating. But what I had seen wasn’t her, just an old picture tucked into the frame of the mirror – I didn’t need my eyes playing tricks on me either though it was a relief that it was just a picture. Maybe I was still a little tired or needed air, so I got dressed in casual clothes, heading out before anyone could reel me back into the house for something like birthday breakfast they had taken the time to make me; I felt bad that I just shrugged them off like that, but the more that they did for me the more I felt bad that I could never really pay them back. The Gryffins and the Branch family had given me a place to stay, cooked me three meals a day almost, given me support and stayed with me when I needed someone to help lean against. The headmistress- -Amelia as she kept telling me to call her – let Noah come over whenever he wanted, even let the /house/ know to let him in when she wasn’t there to answer the door. I felt like I was a guest who was over-staying their welcome, so the less I /let/ them do for me, the better I felt about the whole situation. 

The air outside was cool and felt good in my lungs. There was that usual damp smell England had but as I walked through Hogsmeade, taking the back-alleys like I had done for the last few months, I smelled chocolate and cake – not unusual – but today there was the smell of chicken and macaroni and cheese wafting from Honeydukes. I had half a mind to wander in because my stomach growled with hunger. No, I needed alone time right now before the onslaught of birthday hugs and gifts too good or expensive came my way that I could never pay them back for. It was Sunday, a day off from school, and I headed toward the castle – glutton for punishment maybe – and I slipped past students and professors, giving little smiles and nods to those who I was friendly with gave me happy birthdays. Daffie Poe caught me up in a hug and nearly a conversation about the party that the Gryffins, the Branchs and the Constantinoples were throwing for me but I gave her an excuse I needed to grab some things from my room and scooted along. Climbing god knows how many flights of stairs I made it up to the Astronomy tower. The air was thin up here but very few people ever went up here due to a fear of heights, I prided myself on not being afraid of something many seemed to avoid. 

Most of the school, Hogsmeade even, was still very slow. I tried to check my watch but found it to have yet again died; the strap was worn from years of use, I needed a new one but wanted to wait until I had quite a bit more money saved before I started splurging on things I didn’t /exactly/ need. I’d have to fix my watch later so I fixed my eyes back on all the people walking around far below me across the grounds. Up here they looked so small, like ants as everyone always says. Up here I felt a sudden realization that right here I was alone. I had wanted to be alone for just a minute but being alone didn’t feel like I believed it should have. There wasn’t a depression or hollowness, just numb. It was the same kind of numb you felt when you fingers grew cold in the winter, it hurt just a little and you feared they were going to turn black and fall off. Was that what I was doing to myself? I had wanted my alone time away from the others for a while now, but was I trying to shove them all away to make sure I didn’t feel…anything? My head lowered. Had I become broken? Part of me broke off when Yvaine died, but had I…snapped? Did someone replace my brain? All of what I was doing wasn’t the /old/ me. I was being someone that Yvaine would have never wanted to be around. My chest tightened and the cold air hit the tears trying to escape my eyes, making them burn. I was letting down my sister, driving away the people who cared about me even if, now, in little bits of time I tried to forget them – I wanted them to just…go away. 

“Oh Shia.” The voice was too recognizable, for a moment I believed it was in my head. “Please,” I stopped knowing the voice wasn’t coming from inside my mind. “don’t cry /little/ brother.” My head whipped around and I nearly screamed. Yvaine was standing behind me, but it wasn’t like some sort of mirage, she was a ghost like the others in the castle. I stumbled back, not sure if I was more scared or shocked, but my back hit the railing of the Astronomy Tower and I couldn’t stop myself from tipping over the edge. If I had been wearing gloves, I probably wouldn’t have had enough grip but I clung to the railing as tight as I could.

Yvaine flung herself to the side, looking down to me. “Oh God. Oh God Oh God Oh God. Shia- -I didn’t. Oh God, I’m so sorry.” She tried to reach out and pull me up but her fingers went right through my hands and through the railing. At that moment, I gave it a thought to let go. Maybe some things would be less difficult if I didn’t get older either. I’d have my sister, and everyone else could find someone better to care about. 

But I heard another voice. “Shia!” I couldn’t look but the voice echoed from below – Noah’s voice. I kept clinging on but the sweat on my palms made it difficult. I kept looking up at Yvaine who was so distressed and helpless. 

“Don’t let go! Please, please don’t.” If ghosts could cry, Yvaine was close to.

I heard footsteps muffled by the wind running toward me, there was a pause that made my heart stop for a moment, but I saw Noah come to the railing. He glanced to Yvaine but quickly focused on me. “Shia, you need to give me your hand.” Noah reached out to me, leaning as far as he could over the rails without throwing himself off too. “You need to let go of the railing and give me your hand so I can pull you up.”

I shook my head. “I can’t. I can’t.” I cried feeling my grip slipping and didn’t want to further it. Yvaine disappeared and I looked down, seeing the floors upon floors beneath me. There was no way I’d just break something when I’d hit the ground, I would be a puddle of broken bones and blood on the grass and cobblestone. 

“Shia, don’t look. Look at me!” He tired to sound forceful but there was fear in his voice. “Shia, you need to give me your hand.” I looked back at him and he flashed a wearing smile, nodding. “That’s good, now just give me your hand and I’ll pull you up.”

Staring up at him, I squeezed my eyes and leg one of my hands free from the rails and reached up, but it too much and my other hand let go as well. There was a sudden jerk as my body hit the side of the tower yet the tight grip of a hand around my wrist let me know it was the jerk of my body against his grip and not me falling. I tried to push myself up, get some sort of footing on the side of the tower but it was too smooth and my feet did more damage than good. Noah gritted his teeth as he tried to pull me up. As strong was he was, I seemed a bit heavier than he assumed, even as the skinny thing I was. My voice came out shaky as the words came out of my mouth, the fear that I had felt the moments before Yvaine had died. “I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!” 

Noah pulled harder on my arm and I moved just a few inches higher but then immediately felt myself sliding lower and lower. Noah couldn’t hold onto me and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let him die because of me. “Let go!”

“No!” He barked. “I’m not going to let you die!”

“You will too! Let me go!” My other hand curled against Noah’s hands, trying to rip them off of my wrist but his death grip was so tight my arm was going numb. “Just let go!”

“Shia, no- -“ Another jerk came and there appeared two more hands latching onto my arms, one of which wore a silver-sapphire ring that I had seen so very often. 

“Hello dear.” The headmistress gave me a wear smile as both her and, as I looked to the other woman I saw that smile – my sister’s smile on the face that came with a full head of dirty blonde curls, a pixie-ish woman that was my mysterious Aunt Irene. With one swift pull, I went flying up over the railing and Noah went back. Both Aunt Irene and Amelia had a firm grasp on both of us, and I fell back into her as she pulled me close to her, wrapping her arm around me after freeing her hand from my arm, but still kept the other on Noah’s. “You two alright?”

I took a few deep breathes to try to calm my hyperventilating then answered her with a nod. 

“You alright son?” Her voice was sweet, but came out with an accent that confused me and made me look at her. 

Noah didn’t take his eyes off me with his heavy breath. His arm still didn’t loosen now that we were on solid ground – as solid as it could be right now – slowly realizing that I wasn’t dead, I was standing on the floor with my feet firmly in place. But even with the headmistress holding onto me, he ripped me away from her and pulled me into his arms, giving me the tightest hug anyone had ever given me. Ignoring the other two merely a foot from us, he forced his lips against mind in a furry that could have given me a fever. For a moment I was distracted, but as he pulled back and looked at me with those worried eyes, I realized I had almost died…again. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine.” I nodded then looked back to Aunt Irene with a bit of surrealism. My mouth opened to say something when I was interrupted.

“Come on, let’s get down from here. Come on.” Irene waves her hands to scoot us along and Noah holding onto my arm as we headed to the stairs, hurrying as fast as we could down to the ground floor. 

Nearly ran into Amelia with the way she disappeared and reappeared so quickly, but I came to a stop when I saw my sister again, standing next to her with her hands folded against the white dress she had been buried in. And next to Yvaine, stood the glorious brute of a man white and wispy like the clouds and like Yvaine, was Liam. She waves at me a little and I wasn’t sure how to respond. Noah store at the both of them for a bit, we had all see ghosts in the castles but it was much different when you personally knew one of the ghosts – when they had been flesh and blood less than a year ago. “Hey /little/ brother.” She said sweetly.

The ends of my mouth curled up a little, remember how often she would say that to me. “Hey…”

Yvaine’s eyes flickered to Amelia, then to Liam and to Noah, she looked a little confused as Aunt Irene then back to me. “I, guess today’s /your/ birthday.” My brows furrowed a little. “We can talk later. We’ll have plenty of time.”

“But- -“

“Shia, it’s okay. /I/ can wait. You go enjoy your birthday and…” She wiggles her nose a little, and I looked down to my dirt and…whatever else was on the side of the Astronomy tower that was on my clothes. “You go get changed into some proper clothes Shia.”

Noah scoffed and smiled at her a little. Liam smiled and just shook his head. “But- -“

“Shia.” Yvaine chided. “Don’t argue with me.” She always spoke to me in the lightest-harsh way she could. “I’ve seen what they’ve been doing for your birthday so you go on and you have yourself some fun. Okay…for /me/.” Oh how that hit me square in the heart. 

I sighed, because who would argue with their dead sister? “Alright,” then I gave her a stern look, as stern as /I/ could manage. “Tomorrow- -“

“Yes, tomorrow. Now, shoo. Shoo.” My sister waved her hands, trying to usher us out of the castle where we were heading for in the first place. Before stepping out of the front hall doors, I turned back to ask her if she too was coming when she answered me before I spoke. “I’m following you. Don’t worry.” A little smile came across my face again and all of us walked out of the castle, with Noah still holding my arm. 
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{Part Two: And In the Night}
Shia's P.O.V.

Getting over the initial shock of, well a few things that gave me a heart attack, I focused on all the people apparently waiting for me downstairs I felt hurried to get my suit on. I was already quite embarrassed - apparently near death experiences make me...pee my pants. Rather no one noticed or they were nice enough on my birthday to not say anything about my little...momentary accident, which made me love all those people that were around me that much more. Maybe it was the fact that my birthday was today, but whether it was the day or their sheer lack of mean-spirited-ness but even though I had nearly died an hour before, I was considerably happy, which was a big change from the morning. 

Imogene had given me a tailored black tux, which shocked me, and her little hint that "That's not all" and then leaving me and Noah to get dressed in /my/ room made me wonder what sort of surprises were downstairs. I already started to worry. Looking in the mirror, yet again and relieved that I wasn't going crazy, I saw Noah's reflection and smiled at him. "Very sexy." He said to be with a smile.

Half-shrugging, I fixed my tie and smiled back. "You saying that to me, or yourself." 

Noah shook his head with a bit of a chuckle then pulled out a scarf and gave me a smirk. 

"Ooo, a blindfold. Kinky." 

Wrapping it around my head, I was blinded - of course - and he whispered in my ear as he tied it in a knot. "Maybe later." Then started guiding me, taking my arm and placed his hand on my back.

"I think I already like where this is going." I laughed. 

For a minute I wondered how I was going to make it down the long staircase when I felt another hand, cold as ice, clamp lightly around my arm and I was lifted off my feet and carried downstairs by Noah and who I assumed with the lady Victoria because I didn't know another vampire with such lady-like hands. About a minute later I found the ground again and the lady vampress let go. "A little to the right Shi." I heard Noah say to me and I tried to steer myself, with his help, in the direction he was pulling me. The anticipation was making my nerves jump because besides the sound of Noah and my footsteps everything was extremely quite. I was ready to receive another heart attack with everyone screaming happy birthday, but I - as always - assumed it would be just a small group of people.

What was I thinking?

I felt the gentle woosh of air against my skin as the giant doors to the Gryffin's ballroom opened, seemingly silent, and Noah ushered me. Suddenly he stopped and I jerked back, and turned my head in his direction. "Can I take /this/ off now?" 

There was a smile in his voice and a chuckle. "I suppose you can."

Undoing the knot, the blindfold dropped to the ground, and so did my heart. The place was...beyond words; lights, streamers, centerpieces and...more people than I thought even knew me. The Gryffins, the Branchs, Aella, Drizzle, Bianca, Noah - of course, and...so many more, where all there dressed to the nines all staring at me. I would have been overcome by stage fright had I not been shocked at how amazing everyone and everything looked. My head whipped back around to Noah who had been so cool and calm about everything that was just behind the doors, not even a pip. "I'll take that as you rather like it?"

I admit, I teared a little; immediately I attacked him with a hug and laid a nice big kiss on his lips then turned back to everyone else. Aella was about ready to attack me with a hug, only Drizzle and Mathies held her back from wanting to knock me over. All of them were dressed even finer than I had seen them at Halloween, and any other birthday that had occurred under this room – made me feel…very special, that’s the best way I could phrase it. Drizzle and Mathies finally let Aella loose and she rammed into me; the only way I kept from falling over was to swing her around, moving with her motions then set her back on her feet. Her hug was enough to crush me it was so tight, but she was so very happy. She quickly backed up a bit and I saw a few take a breath before each and everyone one of them yelled out “Happy Birthday!” 

The sound hit me like a shockwave, but all of it was more like a shockwave of happiness that nearly made me cry. They were all genuinely happy to be there, guess I was still in a bit of a shock thinking I wasn’t as important than they all were making me feel. No more than a few minutes and I heard a girl, Dorothy Branch, yell out “Let’s get this party started!” and her brother as well as her cousin and Jude St. John went running to the stage. Again, I assumed they were only going to go as far as pop in an iPod but no, they were going to have a live band. 

Something about this emotional high was making some of my inhibitions non-existent so I was quite alright with shaking my ass and looking like a complete idiot in front of everyone. And if that wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t just Dorothy and her family singing, another boy in Noah’s house, Caden and his brother Stark, sang as well. My heart leapt a little seeing Noah sing and dance on stage – he was a better dancer than I was, that was for damn sure. 

A little break came, not a break for singing though when everyone started belting out the happy birthday song, and out rolled this enormous cake that the one and Odette Sanderson of course made. I was wondering why they didn’t want me in the kitchen the past few days at Honeydukes – I should have assumed. To say the cake gave me a…foodgasm, would be an understatement. Noah, Aella and Drizzle were all giving me strange looks because of all the moaning and groaning I was doing as I inhaled the cake. Must have been damn hungry too. 

The little concert all of them had going for me continued with an surprise as the tall, blonde, leggy thing Jezz Viviara belted out a song – as quite as she was, she was quieter than I was, but she sure had a voice. 

Sifting her way through the crowd, I heard Imogene Gryffin whisper something to Noah before she took my arm and pulled me up to the stage, as her twin sister Nymie took up a guitar. At first, I wasn’t sure what exactly she had pulled me up there for, but when Nymie starting playing, it made my heart smile. Imogene’s boyfriend Jude was a known Beatles fanatic so it was no surprise that they new the words and the music to Blackbird, yet I never imagined they had heard me sing it long before this year. Her voice was heavenly of course, almost so like Aella’s, and it gave me yet another shock – the millionth for that day – to hear myself sing; I had not opened my mouth much to carry a tune since Yvaine died, but today of all days, it felt good to be able to sing especially with so many smiling faces looking at me. From out of the corner of my eye, standing behind my currently very quite Aunt Irene, I could see Yvaine with a smile on her ghostly face and she gave me a little wave. A few tears feel down my face, other probably would have assumed it was because I was so happy, but I dare say most didn’t really realize that she was in the room too. Though she was dead, feeling that she still existed, here, in some form or another, gave me some bit of hope. Hope for what I wasn’t sure, but it was hope nonetheless.

More singing from the others, presents, drinks and dancing followed. People eventually ditched their shoes – girls especially; a few got drunk but even the few who were sort of angry-drunks were pleasant in their near blackouts. All of my ‘haters’ would absolutely die of shock to see how many girls hugged me; not ugly girls or even a bit homely girls, but pretty much every single girl there was beyond beautiful. I would say something about all the attractive guys, but I had my eyes set on the one who had his arms on and off around me. 

I was practically worn out when my Aunt Irene, boy she was even smaller than I had noticed at first glance, came wiggling her tight little frame to me with a smile on her face. Noah gave me a quick glance and a smile “I’m…going to go get some cake” even though he’d devoured several pieces already. Aunt Irene sat next to me, pulling up a chair to the wall of the ballroom from one of the beautifully decorated table. She was absolutely someone I couldn’t imagine would be my aunt – especially on my mother’s side who was beyond going down hill because of wrinkles and stood an inch or two above me, which made her quite tall to say the least. “Hello Shia.” She had an accent very much like Noah’s, but higher pitched, it confused me. 

“Hi.” I blurted out and smiled.

“Guess, you’re wondering a few things.” Her smiled widened more with a little chuckle.

I nodded. “Just a but- -but can I- -“

“Where have I been for the last fourteen years?” I, again, nodded. “Here and there, a friend of a friend that my /sister/ use to know took me in when I was a little younger than when you probably started school. Weird things were happening around the house and our family seems not to be too…happy with the /weird/. Your grandmother wasn’t too…happy that I was…well, like /you/.” She waved a hand ushering to the entire room. She was, in fact, a witch. My heart jumped with happiness.

“You’re a muggleborn?” She nodded. “Like me?” She chuckled and nodded again a little faster. My arms flailed – yes, abnormally girly for even me – and flung around her. 

Aunt Irene laughed. “Oh I was scared you wouldn’t like me?”

I pulled back. “Adopt me.”

The smile on her face turned sweet and she looked to Amelia then looked back to me. “I think you already got yourself a nice little mum.”

I glanced to Amelia a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“Oh with the way she talked about you, I could have assumed she was your mother. She seems quite fond of you.”

My hand waved in indifference. “Oh, she’s like that with pretty much everyone. It’s not like I’m her godson.” I pointed over to Jude, who was slow dancing with Imogene, looking beat himself. 

Aunt Irene gave a slight shrug. “I don’t know. She acted as if, you were almost her son.” It gave me a internal smile and I looked back to Amelia again and she noticed me then, giving me a little smile, waving a bit before turning back to her husband and the few others that she was standing in a little group with. “If not, she sure cares.”

My attention turned back to Irene who was still smiling. “Oh I’m not going to go anywhere honey. Don’t worry. I’ll move up here if I have to,” she took my hand and I gave her a bit of a weary smile. “we’re family, even if you didn’t know I existed before a few days ago.” 

Like so many other things that had happened, me nearly crying seemed to be a prevalent action I made on my birthday – today unlike so many other that felt so incredibly awkward – and Aunt Irene gave me the biggest hug. 

I had friends, that was now very clear to me. I had a boyfriend, of the two times of extreme bliss I felt with him and the love inside my chest and in my head that was evidently clear. I had a biological family that didn’t despise me and my magic. And even though I thought it was out of guilt, I had another family that I assumed I was only a charity case to; the headmistress, Amelia, wasn’t supposed to have favorites but as incredibly sweet and patient she had been with me – it could have just been because I was a bit physically weaker than most of the others especially those that chose to pick on me or that she felt so terrible that my sister had died – but hearing that she genuinely liked me made me happy, that I wasn’t /just/ a guest in her house but was welcome there it made me feel for the first time in my entire life that I had the kind of life that I had always dreamed about. 

As the night whined down, people went back to the castle for class tomorrow – the last few days of the year, which Monday and even the next day I might as well skip – I crawled into my bed, carless that I was still in my nice new expensive tux, and Noah yawned before crashing next to me and I felt him sort of curl up next to me to dream about things that were no where near as amazing as the day I had just had. 
Party Soundtrack - all songs played and played by 'the house band' lol
01. Xavier & Dorothy {singing}: You are the One
02. Caden & Stark {singing}: Pour Some Sugar On Me
03. Noah {singing}: I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You 
pause for cake and Happy Birthday xD
04. Jezz {singing}: Paris 
05. Shia {singing}: Blackbird
feat. Imogene (Evan Rachel Wood) singing with Shia
06. Evie {singing}: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
pause for presents
07. Aella {singing}: - song to be named - 
08. Drizzle {singing}: - song to be named - 
09. Ash {singing}: Here I Go Again 
- - - - - - other songs to be added later - - - - - - - 
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