25+ Asian Fictional Characters Challenge
I'll try doing this challenge too. ^^
Name: Shin Hae Sung
Appears in: Dream High 2
Profession: student at Kirin Art School
Played by: Kang Sora

Okay so it's hard for me to watch 2 dramas at the same time (because I like to stay concentrated on one story) so I've been switching off every once and a while. First I've been watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band... then started watching Dream High 2.. then back to SUFBB and now I'm back to watching DH2.

I suppose now I will go back to watching SUFBB because I keep seeing those STUPID SPOILERS on tumblr! I really love that drama so it pisses me off when I see those spoilers. ;n; I'm afraid I'm going to have to quit going on tumblr until I finish watching both dramas lol.

So far I'm on ep. 10 with SUFBB. And omg. I cry every episode. No joke. I love it but hate it because it makes me cry! I seriously take Byung Hee's character to heart so I'm always sensitive while watching that drama. Omg I feel like such a baby. xD

I've been trying to cheer myself up with DH2 though. I think I'm on ep. 10 on that one too. The drama is pretty good, and I like the cute moments. I'm just confused on who I should be shipping together. Haha.
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