// shine bright like a diamond. \\

glitter;; gucci aspen woodger
pink;; fifteen
designer;; guc-ie asp-en wood-ger
lana d e l rey.
their`s three words to describe gucci`s looks. stunning. eye-catching. gorgeous. she`s got ah-ma-zing beauty, everybody knows that. now, let`s start with her skin. her skin is a amazing mix. it`s pale but some kind of tanned;; a type of a golden tan. it`s porcelain, clean and beautiful. she`s a porcelain doll. with unnoticeable flaws. her skin sparkles in the moonlight && sun. leaving high impressions on her looks. her skin is almost ivory, a delicate feature. as it feels and looks like silk. shiny, amazing silk. but she makes everybody in her glittery, pretty gaze left jealous. wanting revenge on her beautiful looks. gucci is just so beautiful. you can`t not notice her as she walks down a corridor. as she stands at 5`9 feet tall proudly. gucci is quite tall with no need for her designer pumps, but she puts them on anyway since she`s just so fashionable. now, gucci is fairly slim. skinny as a stick to be exact. she has curves in all the right places, not one misplaced. she`s the one who`s body is what everyone else`s body wants to be. but they just can`t do it. now for gucci`s hair. fabulous. gorgeous. stunning. beautiful. amazing. glam. there`s no words for it. her hair is red, orange, brown. dyed of course, but professionally. she has curls that fall down her shoulders to her rib cage. they shine occasionally but her curls always make a good impression on everybody. her stunning hair colour has shades of black just showing slightly on the side but not too much. it fits in any hairdo, making her look flawless always. for her eyes. it`s o h s o p r e t t y. gucci`s eyes are in a perfect almond shape, so pretty that if she stares you down you`ll die inside. her eyes are not just one colour. but many. they change once a week. to blue. green. brown. grey. hazel. olive. even albino. people describe them as `` fake `` but to be honest she has never used contacts in her life. gucci`s eyes are always coated with her ah-ma-zing chanel pitch black mascara. oh, now for her lips. their peachy red, covered with natural gloss. they show off her pearly pure white teeth leaving them to shine in the sun and moonlight. she`s just so beautiful that their is no word to describe.
gucci is a perfectionist . . a jealous one. she`s a daddy`s girl. gucci a spoiled brat. she`s impatient and snappy. classy and perfect. you would want to be her. she`s full of jealousy, one of flaws. she never tripes over a heel, even when she doesn`t watch her step. she strives to win everything but sometimes it doesn`t work. then she gets revenge. she makes excellent first impressions, making them want to be her friend. she gets b`s normally but never a`s. she`s probably partying her heart out at some night club. yes, she`s wild but she doesn`t care. she just bats her lashes and walks out. she`s learned to keep a straight face at funny situations. you have fun with her. she`s daring. she`ll do any dare that comes at her.
copyright georgia. copy? you wouldn't even dare.
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Lana del Rey may be nothing without her daddy's money, but the team of people hired to make her look good sure do a great job.


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