2011 K-Pop Holiday Projects and 2012 Calendars!

I just realized how much I neglect them...seriously :/ They were my first favorite k-pop group - the cute boys with Nuna nomu yeppo! xD - and now? I don't follow them...especially since they debuted in Japan. Nothing new happened with them!

Okay, I really enjoyed their performance in SM Town and Onew is still my bias but something died inside my heart xD (so dramatic xD)

By the way I totally forgot to mention...THERE WAS K-POP on the TV here! And on the most famous channel's news! I was like: WTH? Mostly it was about United Cube in London but I don't get why they thought about to make news about it! :D
You can watch it here if you are curious:

I wish I could make a correct translate but it would be hard xD But what made me laugh is that they said the oldest member in B2ST is not even 21 years old :D Doojoon, Hyunseung and Junhyung became younger xD

Song of the day - http://www.polyvore.com/song_day/collection?id=1231177:

Beast - You:
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