For @chomiczynka's 99 Korean Debuts

Label: SM Entertainment
Members: Lee JInki (Onew)
Kim Jonghyun
Kim Kibum (Key)
Choi Minho
Lee Taemin

Debut: on May 25th, 2008

I was so curious when suddenly they announced their debut, I wasn't expecting to like them when I saw their pictures and the teaser was so *trying to find a word* common? but then I listened to the song (I didn't even watch the video) and it was an instantaneous hit, like seriously I think Replay will be forever one of my favorite songs, as for their looks? I think what I hate the most was Taemin's haircut and their clothes... :/ but I loved their debut, I mean there was no fuzz about it, one simple teaser and then a great song that I'm sure no one can disagree was the best song they could choose for their debut 

It's funny that Jonghyun and Key were the first catching my attention (and now they're my least favorite members) of course I love them! they have a special place in my heart specially cause Replay was playing during my sweet 15 party (yeah I wasn't planning to have a party, specially 3 months after my b-day but my parents definitely made it become one of the best moments on my life! lol
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