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I Ship It 3.0 (Battle Group)

All of us have probably at some point or another fell in love with a couple from a fandom and thought they were just perfect for each other. There has probably also been times where you thought two people should be together but they aren't or that they didn't last. I have definitely done both. Here is where we can show off those characters that we Ship. Another kind of shipping is pairing original character with canon characters (I.e OC shipped with Harry Potter, OC paired with Captain America) If you miss a contest you can still make a set for it to earn the points for that contest, you just wont have a chance at winning the contest. Audition// http://www.polyvore.com/ship_it_battle_group/template?id=918986 The overall winner will get my going through their page on a liking spree. The second place winner will get me going through their collections and liking them. (if no collections then I'll like sets) The third place winner will get me liking some of their sets or collections. Season 2 Winners 1st place: @my-heart-is-art //Johnlock//1,650 points 2nd place: @laniocracy //Jally//1,625 points 3rd place: @holly-the-fangirl //Nygmobblepot//1,300 points //Reserved for season 3// @ooakforest// Phan// Youtube @magick13 // Grindeldore // Harry Potter @forebodinq// Celorian // Throne of Glass // 20 points @holly-the-fangirl // Fiyeraba // Wicked @ellis-jenkins // Myfer // BBC Sherlock @my-heart-is-art // 00Q // Skyfall // 20 points @scarletwltch // Stalia // Teen Wolf // 20 points @miss-scarlet-wxtch // Speedy Canary // Arrow @misssally // DalKenzie // American Idol @charmalfoy // Percabeth // Percy Jackson @natasha-maree13 // FrostIron // Marvel @otherworldlygirl // Sciles // Teen Wolf @the-house-of-wolves // Clizzy // Shadowhunters @btsmaybe4life // Yoomin // BTS @tiny-midnight-dreamer // Jaxenne // Sons of Anarchy @is-it-hi-or-hey // Kalex // Youtube @jessicayp // Destiel // Supernatural @katetagt1 // Bal // Disney's Descendants @elissawhostood // Bering & Wells // Warehouse 13 @emcarstairsofla // Ezria // Pretty Little Liars @ @ @ Points 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Honorable Mentions (When they happen) Shout outs: 10 points (Can make up to 2) RULES: ~ Respect everyone in the group ~ NO Templates---Templates are automatically disqualified from contests, I'll give you the regular points for the set but you cannot win a contest. ~ Only pairs. Please no love triangles ~ More then two people can have the same ship ~ No incest/sibling ships ~ Please keep all sets clean, if it is not, your set will not count, but I will inform you first. I don't want to have to block sets ~Have fun! :) ~If you miss three contests in a row you will be removed from the list above, unless you tell me you can't do them first. (this is so I dont keep tagging you over and over if you havent been on or active. It does not mean you can't still participate, because you can just communicate with me)
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Moderator Announcement allie-luv Posted 5 days ago
Ships are looking great so far! The Icon contest is optional--you don't have to enter it, but you can if you would like to. Shout out sets are worth 10 points, you can make up to 2.

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