Shoes 109


Wrote one year ago
Thank you so much!! Please feel free to use any items in my sets :0)

Wrote one year ago
@alynncameron I will do that for sure I am going to make one tonight after work :-) and feel free to use any of my items i have began adding wedding dresses and gowns myself from other sites

Wrote one year ago
Yup, sounds like me, except I have a little boy, so I don't get to play dress up, until my step-daughters are here on the weekend- then I can't keep them out of my pumps! LOL! Well, I love your style! Tag me if you ever create a set that I missed seeing on my activity page- it's been acting weird, dropping messages, etc.

Wrote one year ago
@alynncameron A sister from another mister. My child and me have a ton of clothes. She loves dressing up. I wished I had more dressy gowns and places to wear them. I love gossip girl for the fashion to.

Wrote one year ago
You and I must have been separated at birth! I would do the same! In my home office I have all my favorite purses hanging on display, I have a thing for great handbags, too.. LOL

Wrote one year ago
@alynncameron I am glad you love it so much. I have a shoe obsession as you can tell. I would have rooms full of shoes if I could have them lol.

Wrote one year ago
This collection makes me want to sell my house and buy them all! ^_^ except Aldo, which I adore for great prices, cute shoes & bags with a classic look that last forever!


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