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June 14, 2013

You guys!! I only have one final left then I'm all done! But ugh my French final was a little ridiculous. So like, we had to write an essay comparing a painting we had discussed in class at some point in the year to a piece of literature we had studied and oh my gosh so I guess I was rushing like crazy cause we had that essay and like 100 multiple choice and free response questions, but so I didn't realize that underneath the pile of looseleaf we had been given to write our essay, there was a sheet with the painting! So there I was, freaking out because I couldn't remember exactly what the painting looked like and I BSed my way through an entire essay not knowing what I was writing about, and it was there the entire time! Ugh. Now what I wrote probably made no sense cause I was thinking of a different painting. But how crazy is that?! Lol. Sigh. You can tell I'm worked up about it.

But anyway. I'm so relieved it's the weekend. I need a break.

Now watching Baby Daddy (aka the best show on ABC Family) :) 

Sooo ttyl!

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Wrote three years ago
So many gorgeous sets, you have such incredible style yo! Ah that sucks so bad!! I hate it when that happens! Same thing happened to me in Maths, I sat there for so long trying to remember some stupid formula, turns out it was given in a sheet at the back. Ah well, hope they all went well and that you get the grades you want :DD

Wrote three years ago
Love the outfit!
I had yesterday my English final exam and what happened to you happened to me...
Hope your grade will be ok anyway!

Wrote three years ago
Aww stuff like that happens to me all the time! Sorry. Oh yeah I think Baby Daddy is funnier than Mel&joe. I only really watch M&j for Ryder.

Wrote three years ago
stunning combo! <333


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