I'd agreed to go shopping with Audrey this afternoon. After class i ducked back to my room to put away my books and grab my bag.

I arrived at the mall and realised we hadnt actaully decided where to meet, i sent Audrey a quick text:
'im here, meet...?'
Just as i pressed send my phone started to ring. Caller ID: Adam Gray.
My heart did a little jump and i smiled.
"Hey. Sorry can't chat ive gotta be at work like, right now, but say what are you doing tomorow night?" 
"Um....nothing yet" i replied
"great. im taking you out for dinner."
"yum sounds good! where are we going?" i asked
"its a surprise" he said. "pick you up at 7?"
just then i spotted audrey. she looked my way and i waved.
"see you tomorrow, bye"
I hung up and walked over to where Audrey was waiting.
"taylor! so who was that you were talking to? who ever it was they sure can make you smile!"
i laughed. "that was adam"
"ooh, adam adam?"
"yup. hes taking me out to dinner tomorrow night"
"well we'd better get you something new and gorgeous to wear then!"
he began to drag me into the cutest looking boutique and i smiled.
damn, i love this girl already! her enthusiasm is catchy :]
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