I really love all of these shorts, I literally want all of them!!
This collection took me such a long time to organize, so I really hope you guys like it. It gets a little more disorganized near the end, sorry! :)
Anyways, this reminds me of how I need to stock up on new clothes for next summer! These are some of the things I want:
-More denim shorts! (I would die for a vintage pair of Levi Denim Shorts!! And I want to buy a lot of plain shorts so I can add studs/paint patterns and such!)
- Bandeaus
- Peter pan collar dresses
- Frilly socks
- American Flag patterned clothes (I really want to make a pair of American Flag shorts, and I saw a really cute denim vest at American Apparel that had an American Flag on the back)
- High-waisted shorts
- A retro style bikini (Like one of those with the high-waisted bottom! The only problem is, I feel like it would give me a weird tan)
- Retro-style sunglasses
- Vans
- Skater skirts (I want a velvet one really badly, and a leather one too)
- Cool graphic tees
Hopefully I can get some good finds by thrifting, I don't want to spend too much money on all that!
xo, becca


Wrote one year ago
me too. i guess i'll just have to continue shopping there haha

Wrote one year ago
@beforenightfalls1313 I love Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and American Apparel :)
@catclaire My pleasure! I'm glad you like it ♥ xx

Wrote one year ago
Thanks so much for this collection!! It's awesome:)

Wrote two years ago
love your style! where do you usually shop?


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