soundtrack- One thing by One direction.

For all you Directioners out there :P and before you people start inviting my to your 1D groups, i'm Not a fan of them, i just simply made this set for the Directioners who do like them :P. Anyways, so, I was on omegle (I don't know why, but whatever) and I was on that question mode, and someone asked if we liked One direction or whatever, and i answered no, truthfully, and I said i didn't hate them, but i just don't like them....well....this CRAZY obbsessed fan decided to threeaten to kill me....:/ Kinda sad how people are REALLY obsessed and threaten the people who don't like them...-_- I mean, there are about 6 billion people on this planet, and not EVERYONE is going to like them. and besides, it's kinda rude to go and say that you're gonna kill people if they don't like the person/band you like. I mean, i like Lady Gaga and all, but if someone doesn't like her, i'm not gonna have a cow and tell them that I'm gonna kill's kinda stupid, really...Kinda pathetic that people have to go that far to be 'fans'.

Whatever, rant is over. I'm not saying that ALL Directioners are like that, just the OVER-obsessed ones...:/ This goes to all other fanbases as well, not One direction fans.

Peace and Love,
KayKay <3

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