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Friday : It is the parents weekend! Our parents are coming over for a little fun ... and fun. They are staying at the Ritz, all paid by the boutique.
I sit in the airport tapping my shoe off the linoleum floor rapidly. Andrew lays his hand on my thigh and smiles softly at me.
I stop tapping my foot and smile nervously back at him.
I'd asked my mother to come for the weekend. She said she could not, that she couldn't afford to miss work and either could Krister, my step father. I was devastated but couldn't argue. I'd been sending money home to them. It was going to be Brigitta's eighth birthday on Monday. My mother was worrying about paying for presents or a party for her.
I thought maybe the children might like to visit me. Before she had time to answer I heard them all going crazy in the background.
So a few days later here we were waiting in the airport for them. I was worrying terribly about them on the plane by themselves. Andrew was holding the three boxes with small gifts inside them. I had three places at home set out for them to sleep. I had found a shop selling Swedish goods in London and fished out some old recipes so I could cook for them just like mother does.
'Andrew you know you won't be able to sleep over this weekend. My mother would have a fit if she heard.'
'What? Won't you need help looking after them?' he looks disappointed.
'Yes but you know what I mean, that would be completely inappropriate.' I try to act responsible.
'Hey!' he laughs, 'I can control myself. We're adults, we can sleep in the same bed as each other without jumping each others skin!'
I give him a grave look. He gives me an innocent one back. I shake my head and grin.
Suddenly a crowd began flowing out of the terminal. Hy heart starts thumping. I can't see them. I stand on my toes.
'Where are they?' I squeeze Andrew's hand.
'Calm down.' he whispers but stands up to look as well.
My head flops on my shoulder in relief when I see a airline staff escorting the three children. They look lost with wonder, heads turning trying to see everything at once. I race towards them, Andrew in tow. They squeal when they see me and I drop to my knees, wrapping my arms around them.
'Thank you so much.' Andrew shakes the hand of the airline worker and she smiles before leaving back through the terminal. I kiss their cheeks and we stand up. They glance and Andrew, exchange whispers and giggles.
'Den här er Andrew.' I say calmly. He smiles at them but Brigitta hides behind my legs.
We get a taxi back to my apartment and Mattias, the oldest and only boy is all talk about the flight over. By nine o'clock they're all flat out on their beds. 
'So...?' I say to Andrew. He had been sitting with us but understanding little. The children did have English but they hadn't bothered to using it for his benefit. 
He shrugs.
'They are adorable.' he grins at them. They look a little like me, but not much. Mattias has chestnut hair, the image of his father but Brigitta and Sigrid are blond like me.
'My mother thinks Sigrid looks like me.' I say, inspecting her sleeping face.
'So, am I getting kicked out now?' he says smirking. I chew my lip and furrow my brows at him.
'Come here!' I scamper over and sit on his lap.
He laughs and kisses me.
'No funny business.' I whisper.
'Of course not!' he grins sincerely.
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