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Woke up with this song in my head can't get it out.

So the bathing suite isn’t really typical VS but there’s actually logic behind it. At the shows Constance seems to wear the quirky, slightly less standard and expected lingerie, like the gowny thing form 2011 so that’s the approach I took to Carrie. She’s the quirky girl that models the slightly left of field things and yeah.

Explanation: The bathing suit is vintage, girly and unusual but in accessible way, not what you’d expect from Victoria’s Secret just like Carrie isn’t your standard VS model and it fits her style to a T. The pink shoes and pink flower in her hair add a pop of colour, a playfulness and quirkiness that belays Carrie’s personality. Her hair would be half up and half down in a loose and casual way with the flower being pinned on the side. It’s not huge and obnoxious just small and tasteful; used to add some colour.


I kind of really hated swimwear shoots.

I mean getting my start in Australia I’d done my fair share of shoots on the beach but it didn’t change the fact I hated it, therefore my extension I hated swimwear shoots. Or at least swimwear shoots on location.

Of course because I was awesome and professional I rocked the shit out of it with the ease of practice. Well I hope I didn’t, I am pretty sure I got some decent shots as well. And my bikini was cute at least.

But my shoot was over now so I took the chance to sit cross legged on a huge picnic rug (because I didn’t really want sand anywhere nasty) and watch the other girls. Some of them were really in their element, some looked as awkward as Harry Styles and Matt Smith’s love child and of other’s I was just damn jealous of their curves.

Of course then my phone had to go ring and ruin it. “Hello?” I answered with a sigh as it clacked against the leg of my sunglasses.

“Carrie babe Hi.” It was Oliver, of course it was Oliver, “I was just wondering if I could crash at your apartment for a bit.”

“You’re already there aren’t you?” I asked with a sigh, stretching my legs out in front of me because they were starting to cramp.

“I would never.” He gasped.

“Save it. You never ask to come over, even when I am home to see you,” I absentmindedly inspected my nails. They were getting a bit long actually, which I never liked but put up with because hello best job in the world.

“You insult me.”

“And you insult my intelligence.” I sighed, getting to my feet because I needed people to wash away the memory of Oliver interaction.

“Never babe.” There was a beat then, “So can I crash?”

“Since you’re already there I guess so.” Which was what was always going to happen and we knew it, so why would I argue with him. Just to give him the satisfaction, “But I gotta go, so bye babe.” I said before hanging up, wandering down closer to the shore a bit.

One of the girls had just finished up with her shoot, and as she came further up the beach I noticed it was Yasmine. Awesome I liked that girl.

“Hey Canada.” I grinned at her cheekily as she approached me, still kind of wet actually.

“Hello Carrie.” She looked at me appraisingly though judgementally as so many people round here seemed to do. I liked her already.

“Hi Yasmine.” I waved in case she thought I forgot her name or something.

“Hello.” She said, with a little smirk which actually just caused me to burst into laughter. Funny things were funny to me. So were not very funny things but that’s beyond the point.

“So did you have fun.” I asked, making to wrap and arm around her shoulder before remembering oh yeah she was wet and I did not like the ocean. Not one bit.

“Always.” She deadpanned.

“I cannot tell if that’s sarcasm or not but I bloody hated it.” I admitted, my heels were sinking into the sand as I walked, “I mean I’m sure they’ll look great and I love the final product but I hate the beach.”

‘How can you hate the beach?” She asked 

“New Zelander, not Australia babe.” I rolled my eyes, “We’ve established this remember.”


[I wanted to add more and use more people but I'm literally about to leave again and I haven't even changed out of my uniform so yeah. Thanks for the patience @haute-hippie and @sophiaspastic]
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